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16 years have passed since the premiere of


(2005-2014) on Telecinco, but

the friendship that was born

between its cast is still alive in view of the recent statements by

Melani Olivares.

The actress explained in

Save me

that the pandemic had put her in a difficult economic situation and

Carmen Machi

had not hesitated to lend her money to feed her children.

A few days later, Machi, nominated at the Feroz Awards for her work on the series

30 coins

, insisted that the cast of


remain in contact.

In his words:

"We have been part of a family for many years,

but in general, the relationships we acquire are very true and very deep."

But what has become of all the interpreters in this time?

Carmen Machi

The protagonist of


showed that

a spin off,

in this case of

7 lives

, could be as or more successful than the original series.

And since then

he has not stopped working

in film, television and theater.

Suffice it to cite the films

Eight Basque surnames


Perdiendo el norte

, the

Arde Madrid

series - created

, by the way, by his partner

Paco León -



Perfect Life,

and the works

Trial of a Fox




In an interview with El Mundo Machi, she explained that she left


in her most successful moment, being replaced as the main character by

Miren Ibarguren,


she could not manage fame.

"It is very difficult to live with everyone knowing your face. In the bar, in the store, on the street, outside of Spain ... Everyone recognizes you by your face, by your voice or by your ass. There is a moment in which you realize that, although you think you are doing well, it is a lie. You are overwhelmed, overwhelmed.

I suffered from anxiety and a

diagnosed human


, "he explained.

Little is known about her personal life beyond the fact that she

has a relationship with her boyfriend Vicente,

to whom she dedicated the Goya in 2015 for being "prettier than anything."

In addition, he has explained on different occasions that

getting married or having children

is not among his plans.

"I have been able to be a mother and I have not been. Come on, I have put all the means available and to have to not be. For me it is not something important nor have I found the appropriate moment with any of my partners," he confessed to the magazine

Ten minutes.

Paco Leon

After making himself known as




, Paco León has made a name for himself as a

director, producer and screenwriter

with the films

Carmina o revienta


Carmina y amen

, both starring

his mother Carmina Barrios

, or

Kiki, love is made


In addition to the aforementioned

Arde Madrid

, a series that she created with her then partner,

the director Anna Rodríguez Costa,

whose relationship ended at the end of 2020 after 14 years and

a daughter in common,

Manuela (2010).

León, who is openly bisexual, confessed to

Bertín Osborne

that when he met Anna he was dating a man.

After his controversial participation in the series

La casa de las flores

, where he played a transsexual woman, his next work as an actor will mark

his debut in Hollywood.

The film is titled

The unbearable weight of massive talent

and in it he shares the screen with

Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal,

Tiffany Haddish and Sharon Horgan.

Melani Olivares



Melani Olivares she

played Paz,

a prostitute who became

Luisma's great love.

After her time in the series, the actress has continued working on television in series such as

Under Suspicion


The Embassy


Benvinguts a la familia



or the

MasterChef Celebrity



Olivares is the

mother of three children

and in the same interview with

Sálvame, she

said she had

asked her friends


money to

support them.

In addition, he confessed that he

is bisexual and practices polyamory.

"I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, they do not know each other but they know it. They in turn are also with other people and I do not feel jealous,

conventional relationships are very boring," he


Ana Polvorosa

The young Ana Polvorosa rose to fame as




, but like her peers, she has continued to




after the comedy.

Starting with the series

Las chicas del cable

and the films

Mi gran noche

, by Álex de la Iglesia, and


, by his colleague


Eduardo Casanova.

His partners include the actor

Luis Fernández

or the entrepreneur

Jorge Echave.

Eduardo Casanova

When he said goodbye to


, Eduardo Casanova also wanted to work

behind the cameras

and start creating his own work with the film



As an actor, he also appeared in the series

Arde Madrid


La casa de las flores


Someone has to die

and in the film

Señor, give me patience.

"If I am a son of a bitch or an activist, that will be said by the public," he said of

his book


, an artistic essay on the human being and aesthetics for which he

photographed homeless people, prostitutes or junkies

for a year.

Personally, only

two couples are known

to Casanova: makeup artists

Kley Kafe,

with whom he was between 2011 and 2012, and

David Olina,

between 2017 and 2019, approximately.

David Castillo

David Castillo played





Miguel Illarramendi


Amar es para siempre

for more than 200 episodes


Later he has participated in

El Cid

and will soon


Besos al aire

, where Paco León also appears.

In addition, he

has done theater, has traveled

and has worked as a DJ.

Castillo had

a relationship with Jara Tristancho,

sister of the late Bimba Bosé and daughter of Lucía Dominguín.

Mariano Peña

"Mauricio is a character to whom I owe half of who I am.

The other half I have already walked [...]", Mariano Peña told

El Día.

"He had all the ballots to fall ill, be unfriendly and being rejected by the public and yet

people adore him, "

added the actor, who has subsequently worked in films such as

Brain Drain

, the series

Down There

or the musical

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Pepe Viyuela

Before participating in



Pepe Viyuela was already a well-known actor,

but Chema Martínez is probably his most famous role.

Later the actor has starred in the series

Olmos y Robles




And he has formed

a theatrical clan with his wife,

actress Elena González, and their two children, Samuel and Camila.

In recent years, Viyuela has approached politics through Podemos.

And currently he is one of the collaborators of the program

La noche D

(TVE), presented by Dani Rovira.

Marisol ayuso

Marisol Ayuso,

a veteran theater, film and television actress,

played the grandmother of



, Eugenia.

Daughter of the actor Pedro Pablo Ayuso and the


Soledad Domínguez, Ayuso had worked mainly in the theater, among other actresses

with Lina Morgan,

who later signed her for her

Hostal Royal Manzanares


Personally, 1970 she had a daughter with the playwright Juan José Alonso Millán and

she has never been married.

Canco Rodriguez

El Barajas

, a colleague from Luisma's forays, was played by Canco Rodríguez.

After passing through


, the actor has continued working on television in the series

Body of elite

or the program

Your face sounds to me;

in the cinema in the films of

Brain drain

and in the theater, in works such as

El jurado

or the franchise

The Hole

, another idea by Paco León.

In 2017 Rodríguez

married the dancer Marta Nogal

in a fun


attended by many of Aída's actors.

Oscar Reyes

Born in Tokyo, Japan,

Óscar Reyes played


, the bartender at

Bar Reinols,

better known as



As he told Vertele, Reyes is the

son of the flamenco dancer Paloma Reyes,

who met his father, a Japanese, during a tour of the Japanese country.

Two months later he moved to Spain, growing up in the Madrid neighborhood of



20 Minutes



Hence, he was surprised himself when he was chosen to play a South American character.



, Reyes has stayed quite

far from the cameras,

participating in the series

Paquita Salas

or the movie

Viva la vida.

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