China, where the Corona 19 situation is stable, has released a'vaccine passport'.

The vaccine passport is a system that allows national governments to travel and travel across borders without isolation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China announced that it has officially launched the Chinese version of the vaccine passport, the International Travel Health Certificate, as a mini program connected to Wechat, a Chinese messenger.

It's been one day after Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, said at a press conference for both domestic and foreign media, "We will provide an electronic document for a Chinese version of the international travel health certificate."

The proof of health contains an encrypted QR code so that you can check the authenticity and view your personal information.

The certification screen will display the nucleic acid test and serum antibody results, as well as what type of COVID-19 vaccine was administered and when.

"The security key provided by the Chinese side can read the information in the QR code," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Zhen.

"In the future, the importance of health factors will become more prominent in international personnel exchanges," said Zhao. "In the near future, more and more countries will play a major role in promoting orderly exchanges as they mutually recognize health certifications with China. Said.

China's rapid movement is analyzed to take the lead in the discussion of'vaccine passports'.

Chinese President Xi Jinping suggested at the G20 summit last November that "many countries should participate in the system to mutually certify health codes of the QR code method" for convenient communication between countries.

China created a WeChat mini program ``Jen Kangbao'' that checks the movement of individuals and displays whether they are quarantined at the beginning of the corona 19 crisis last year.

Even now, it is essential to verify the QR code of Zen Kangbao when entering buildings or moving areas.

The Chinese version of the electronic vaccine that emerged from this situation appears to have the intention of making their method an international standard.

In addition, China is ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year.

Vaccine passports are an important tool for communication between the squad and the spectators as well as the competition officials.

The idea for a vaccine passport began first in the European Union (EU), but the introduction is expected to take time.

Greece and Italy, where tourism is the main focus, insist on the rapid introduction of vaccine passports, while Germany and France are concerned about the spread of Corona 19.

However, some countries are speeding up the vaccine passport.

Iceland began issuing'Vaccination Certificates' for the first time in the world at the end of January, and Israel, which has a high vaccination rate, is also issuing'Green Pass', a digital vaccination certificate.

China is expected to first launch a vaccine passport pilot project in Hong Kong and Macau.

Hong Wei-min, representative of the National People's Congress of Hong Kong, recently proposed to the central government to introduce vaccine passports recognized by China and Hong Kong to exempt Hong Kongers from quarantine upon entry to China.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a press conference, "China is willing to discuss the mutual authentication of corona 19 vaccination with other countries."

The Korean government has also received a proposal from China and is considering it.

A Beijing diplomatic source said, "There will be a variety of communication as suggested by Wang Yi."

The problem is the mutual authentication of the vaccine passport.

The vaccine passport is, in the end, a mutual certification of the efficacy of the vaccine.

African and South American countries have given approval for Chinese vaccines such as Synoparm and Synobac, but South Korea, the United States, and major European countries have not even approved emergency use.

China is also not approving the use of vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies in other countries such as Pfizer.

Gaofu, head of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said cross-border vaccination certification is a complex issue.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also said it does not recommend the introduction of a vaccination passport under the current circumstances.

WHO emergency response team leader Michael Ryan said at a briefing, "It is not known how long the immunity of the currently licensed COVID-19 vaccine will last." It will add more injustice.”