SERIELAND RECO: The Mycanal platform rebroadcasts all the episodes of the cult series "Absolutely Fabulous".

A happy comedy centered on a duo of crazy women with impressive wardrobes.

As Paris Fashion Week ends, Eva Roque devotes an episode to fashion and costumes in the series.

How is the costume used for storytelling purposes?

What is a successful costume?

To decipher the outfits of the fictional characters, she receives Norine Raja, journalist at Vanity Fair, series specialist and costume designer Pierre Canitrot.

From the very chic dresses of Beth Darmon in

The Lady's Game

, to the stilettos of Carrie Bradshaw in

Sex and the City

to the impeccable costume of Don Draper in

Mad Men

… each hero of the series is associated with a costume.

The outfits accentuate a character, participate in the storytelling or bring realism to a period series.

What importance do we give to costumes in the series?

According to what criteria are fictional costumes chosen?

And how do the series influence our wardrobe? 

In SERIELAND, Eva Roque scrutinizes the outfits of the characters in the series with Norine Raja, journalist at Vanity Fair and specialist in series, and the costume designer Pierre Canitrot, to whom we owe in particular the outfits of

Kabul Kitchen

, of

UFOs (s), Baron Noir

 but also several films by Christophe Honoré. 

Recipe of the week:

Absolutely Fabulous 

The series, created in 1992, features two crazy quadragenarian Londoners: Pasty and Edina.

The first is a fashion journalist and lives with the help of the second, the manager of a public relations company. 

It's a very funny series, which turns the fashion world into satire.


Absolutely Fabulous

the costumes are central, they are almost full characters and participate in the burlesque of the series.

Patsy has a very chic style, inseparable from her tailors.

Conversely, Edina multiplies the eccentric looks.

Behind its lightness,

Absolutely Fabulous

questions the place of women, the mother-daughter relationship and denounces the American consumer society.

5 seasons, 42 episodes of about 25 minutes to watch on MyCanal. 

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The backstage column:

The Killing

started the fashion for the chunky patterned wool sweater

The Killing

is a dark Danish thriller, centered around the investigations of policewoman Sarah Lund.

It is a hard work that never leaves its woolen sweaters with large flakes.

This seemingly innocuous stylistic choice has nevertheless made actress Sofie Gråbøl, who plays the role of the investigator, a fashion icon ... 

SERIELAND also recommends:

Small Ax 

This miniseries is constructed over five episodes, five independent stories painting a historical portrait of London's West Indian community, the Windrushes.

The production is signed Steeve McQueen to whom we also owe the films

Shame, Hunger


Twelve Years a Slave


The series mixes the political and the intimate.

It lifts the veil on a poorly represented community and the problems of institutional racism it faces.

Beyond serious subjects, Small Ax is also a moving series, featuring moments of joy and solidarity within this group. 

5 episodes of about 60 minutes to watch on Salto. 

The guest: Pierre Canitrot  

Pierre Canitrot is a costume designer for cinema and series.

He notably designed the costumes for the Canal + series,

OVNI (s)

but also

Kaboul Kitchen, Clara Sheller

or the Arte series


The guest crush:

The Lady's Game 

In the 1950s, an orphan, Beth Harmon, discovered chess.

It's a revelation.

The series traces the impressive rise of this young prodigy of this strategy game.

She fights in a world where women have no place. 

Even without knowing the rules of chess, this series has the gift to captivate and keep in suspense as before a very good football match.

The interpretation of Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of Beth is bluffing.

The series follows the path of this young woman since her childhood, creating a real attachment to this character with complex psychology.

The artistic direction and the aesthetic is very strong.

We read the different eras through Beth Harmon's wardrobe.

The Lady's Game has just been awarded two Golden Globes. 

1 season, 7 episodes of 55 minutes to watch on Netflix. 

The SERIELAND team: 

Author and presentation: Eva Roque

Columnist: Clémence Olivier

Director: Christophe Pierrot

Editorial project manager: Timothée Magot 

Distribution and publishing: Salomé Journo

Preparation: Magali Butault

Graphics: Karelle Villais

Director of Europe 1 Studio: Olivier Lendresse