What is like night to yesterday!

The television interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with the American journalist Oprah Winfrey sparked a storm of controversy, and is expected to spark subsequent crises with Buckingham Palace in the coming days, just as the late Princess Diana's historical interview with the BBC 26 years ago.

The interview, which was described as "the last word," in which Meghan Markle revealed the secrets of her short life within the royal family in Britain, before she and her husband decided to separate from the royal life and move to the United States.

Harry and Meghan's TV interview with Oprah Winfrey began in the United States, and the signs of a second pregnancy were evident on Meghan, who was bolder and calmer.

Megan spoke about the strict lives and the struggles she faced to adapt to the royals.

Forced silence

Megan asserted that palace officials failed to protect her, guest "were willing to lie to protect other members of the royal family," and the Duchess of Sussex had already accused palace officials of "perpetuating the lying" about her and about Harry, and said she refused orders to "silence her."

Oprah Winfrey tried to clarify the matter of Megan's silence and confirm her by asking, "Were you silent? Or were you silenced? Were you being asked to remain silent? Were you told not to say anything?"

Megan told her, "Everyone in my world has been directed in a very clear way from the moment the world learned about my relationship with Harry, that we have an obligation to say (no comment)."

"Me and my friends, mom and dad did everything they told me to do," Megan added.

And she continued, "Even when things started to appear in the media that I did not see, my friends would call me and say (Meg, this is really bad), but I thought that I was protected as they promised."

"Once we got married and it really started to fall apart I realized that I was not protected, but they were also willing to lie to protect other family members, and they were also not willing to tell the truth to protect me and my husband," Megan added.

"I don't know how they expected that after all this time we will remain silent!"

The Duchess of Sussex told Oprah that she had suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy, and that her husband had embraced her to contain the crisis, Megan said, "I thought my death was better for everyone at the time," and added, "I don't want to put more on my husband's shoulders. He carries the weight of the world."

Minor racism

The Duchess of Sussex also expressed her "pain" because officials denied her newborn son the title of Prince, and accused Buckingham Palace of failing to protect her son Archie by denying him 24/7 security.

Megan confirmed that a member of Harry's unnamed family was "concerned" about how dark their son Archie was when he was born.

Officials at Buckingham Palace deprived Megan and Harry's son the title of Prince for fear of the color of his skin (social networking sites)

Meet the Queen

During her first meeting with the Queen, Megan described herself as being naive, and indicated that she had to learn to bow.

Megan went on to say that the royals welcomed her at first, but that she was later "silenced", and felt trapped.

Megan also told Oprah that the first time she met the Queen at a Royal Lodge lunch, at Windsor Castle, Harry asked her if she knew how to handle the matter;

Megan said, "Great. She's your grandmother, so he said to me (She's the queen)."

It was the first moment that Megan realized the seriousness of what was going on.

Megan added that Harry trained her to do the short exercises before meeting the Queen.

"We sat there and chatted, and it was beautiful and easy," she tells Oprah.

While talking about Queen Elizabeth, Megan indicated that Her Majesty has been under her wing, according to the description of the British newspaper "Daily Mail", since she presented her with pearl earrings and a wonderful necklace on the day of her engagement, in 2018.

Oprah said, "Well, I made you feel welcome," Megan replied, "Yes."

Meghan Markle also praised the queen, saying she was "gorgeous," and once asked her to share a blanket that she puts on her knees for warmth.

Meghan Markle confirms that Queen Elizabeth has been friendly with her since the first day (social networking sites)

What about Kate Middleton?

And by asking Oprah Winfrey about the relationship of the Duchess of Sussex with Kate Middleton, especially that they are sisters according to royal rules, and the American media indicated their first appearance in the Wimbledon match, where Megan and Kate were seen as friends;

Megan laughed, before Oprah completed her question, saying, "Did we look like this?" Then she said, "I think everyone welcomed me."

The media accused Kate Middleton (left) of ignoring Meghan Markle in their Wimbledon debut (social media)


Painful secrets for Harry

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex also said that his family boycotted him financially in early 2020, claiming that they must sign multi-million dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify because he was dependent on spending on his inheritance from Princess Diana.

He also revealed that his father Prince Charles stopped receiving his calls after they decided to be independent from the family.

The interview was shown on CBS television on Sunday evening, and will be broadcast on ITV on Monday at 9 pm UK time.