Laëtitia Vincent is the only woman to command a CRS company in France.

Appointed only four months ago in this police force which has only 4% of women, she does not intend to wear her femininity as a standard and especially wishes to be recognized as a good officer.



Her name is Laëtitia Vincent and she is the only woman in France to command a CRS company.

Aged 39, she was appointed just four months ago and now manages a company of 130 men based in Dijon.

Europe 1 met this woman who above all intends to be respected for her skills, in a police force which has only 4% of female staff. 

"I was an object of curiosity"

From the outset, the tone is set.

"I do not like to be called commander. I want to be called commander", assures this representative of the police.

Because even if Laëtitia Vincent is proud of her career, she does not want to wear her femininity as a standard.

His goal is simply to be recognized as a good officer.

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The young woman admits it, her arrival at the CRS was not easy.

The reception was even relatively cold.

"At the beginning, I was an object of curiosity and I was really looked at from head to toe when I came back somewhere. Today, it is in common law," she explains.

"After that stage, when you stay, people end up saying to themselves that it's really because you want to do this job. And often, that has opened doors for me".

"I'm not here to convince"

At the head of a company of a hundred men, she also says that she does not feel any particular pressure.

"I am not here to convince. I am here to command. What matters is competence," argues Laëtitia Vincent. 


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An observation also drawn up by Jean-Marie Philips, regional delegate of the Alliance union with the CRS.

"There is no difference between a male commander and Commander Vincent. Upon her arrival, she showed perfect listening to officials in terms of command and she knows perfectly well the workings of the CRS", assures the latter. .

Commander Vincent, who spends three-quarters of his time with his men in the field, now wants to prove that among the CRS too, the way women look has changed.