Former US President Donald Trump has sent letters to major Republican organizations asking them not to use his name and caricatures to raise political money.

Politico, a political media in the United States, reported that former President Trump's lawyers recently sent letters to major organizations, including the Republican National Committee and the Republican Parliament Committee, demanding that they not use their names and caricatures to raise political funds. .

In response to Trump's demands, Politico said Trump was angry at raising money for Republican lawmakers who voted for his impeachment bill by major Republican electoral bodies.

This translates to the fact that it cannot be left to see the benefits of raising political funding even to Republicans who opposed him as his name and caricature were used to raise political funding for the Republican Party.

With the Democratic Party's initiative to impeach former President Trump, the Republican Party is divided into the pro-Trump and anti-Trump camps, and is suffering a deep redeployment.

Former President Trump is supporting campaigns for next year's midterm elections for active Republican lawmakers and candidates who support him through the Republican Party's Special Political Action Committee, Superpack.

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