Carlos Díaz Arcocha

, the first superintendent of the Ertzaintza, was killed by a

sticky bomb placed under his Ford Escort on March 7, 1985

and, 36 years later, no one gives a name or a face to his murderers.

An unpunished crime.

Full of emptiness and sadness.

An attack that was not even investigated by the Police for which he risked his life.

"It is unfortunate that the Ertzaintza did not even carry out an investigation,"

laments his daughter

Teresa Díaz Bada

with a firm voice


Díaz Arcocha's family, like those of 350 more victims of ETA, continues to demand a Justice that never comes while the ETA prisoners keep silent and shorten their prison sentences.

The association of ertzainas Mila Esker (Thank you very much, in Basque) has not wanted Carlos Díaz Arcocha to be forgotten.

Its president

Julio Rivero

has given voice to hundreds of ertzainas who shared the implementation of a comprehensive police

controlled from its first steps until today by the PNV


A political control that, according to Teresa Díaz Bada daughter of Carlos Díaz, is behind the incredible story of this crime without an author.

Because Carlos Díaz Arcocha assumed to lead the creation of the Ertzaintza, making the leap from the Army where he became a lieutenant colonel.

A gesture of bravery from a native of Bilbao committed to all the uniforms he wore "with honesty" as Rivero recalled today.

Before being appointed as head of the Ertzaintza, he already suffered firsthand

harassment from ETA terrorism

and its accomplices.

"I'm still here


" he

stressed in his inauguration while the band prepared the plan to end his life.

"They put a bomb in his car, in what it takes to have a coffee, on a Thursday, a foggy day and before 10 o'clock," his "boys" from the Ertzaintza recalled yesterday.

About thirty agents, including María Dolores Díaz Bada, have organized an event in her memory.

Also accompanying them was

Florencio Domínguez

, director of the Memorial Center for the Victims of Terrorism.

Díaz Arcocha died on March 7, 1985 and

his family first mourned his loss, then he fought for his memory and now, 36 years later, he continues to demand justice


The Basque Government, through the Vice-Lehendakari and Security Councilor

Josu Erkoreka

, has limited itself to remembering the murder without making any mention that it is a crime still unsolved in a message on Twitter.

"In many of those murders an attempt was made to close the matter and the victims were not informed of the investigations. We even

asked Maixabel Lasa

(Secretary for Victims in the Government of Patxi López) for help to clarify my father's crime with the little information that we found in the press and he did not even answer us, "denounces Teresa Díaz, a young woman of just 24 years old when ETA killed her father.

Founder of the Colectivo de Víctimas del Terrorismo (Covite), a tireless fighter for the memory of each of those killed by ETA, Teresa Díaz has managed to get the National Court to reopen the investigation with the support of the

Villacisneros Foundation

and trusts the new data provided by the Civil Guard to clarify a crime that the Ertzaintza could not or did not want to be solved.

"The bet of this Government and of the previous ones was impunity

and we have suffered 50 years of neglect of the rule of law," he confirms.

"Don Carlos, his memory among us is still alive and his memory is very present; mila esker and

at your command, my superintendent

", was heard in the courtyard of the Basque Police Academy 36 years later.

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