(Interview between the two sessions) Fan Bingheng, deputy to the National People's Congress: coordinated "series" in the river basin to promote the construction of the digital Yangtze River

  Chinanews.com, Wuhan, March 7th, title: Fan Bingheng, deputy to the National People's Congress: Watershed coordination "series" to promote the construction of the digital Yangtze River

  China News Service reporter Liang Ting

  "The construction of the Digital Yangtze River requires the establishment of a working mechanism with vertical division of labor and horizontal coordination." Fan Bingheng, a representative of the National People's Congress and Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of China Mobile Communications Group Hubei Co., Ltd., said in an interview recently.

  The digital Yangtze River is the informationized Yangtze River.

What does informatization bring to the Yangtze River?

Fan Bingheng believes that, on the one hand, it is to make use of the advantages of informatization to protect the Yangtze River; on the other hand, to use informatization to create an "engine" for the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

  Currently, new technologies such as 5G, Beidou high-precision positioning, and the Internet of Things are integrated and applied in different industries.

Fan Bingheng believes that based on the above-mentioned new technologies, it is time to use intelligence to promote the construction of the green Yangtze River.

For example, 5G+ Internet of Things technology can be used to gradually realize comprehensive data collection and real-time data transmission of geographical information sensitive nodes such as water sources, rivers, shorelines, agriculture, forestry, water and soil in the Yangtze River Basin, and use big data technology for intelligent analysis, real-time warning, and improvement The ecological protection of the Yangtze River.

  "Building the digital Yangtze River requires building a data link in the Yangtze River Basin." Fan Bingheng pointed out that the current segmented implementation of the Digital Yangtze River has brought about differences in technical standards, affecting data sharing, information exchange, and service interconnection between different systems.

In this regard, he suggested breaking down the barriers of multiple departments, multiple platforms, and multiple systems, establishing a joint construction body, and building a co-construction and sharing information platform at the same time, so as to achieve "one point of construction, the entire Yangtze River can be reused", to reduce duplication of resources and avoid waste.

  The degree of informatization construction varies across the Yangtze River Basin, and this phenomenon has aroused Fan Bingheng's attention.

"Areas where the network is not fully covered will inevitably form information islands." Fan Bingheng suggested that on the basis of consideration of regional differences and local characteristics, improve the coordination mechanism of various provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Basin, promote the construction of networks along the Yangtze River, and ensure the stability and continuity of the network cover.

  In the context of the continuous emergence of new technologies, Fan Bingheng believes that it is necessary to reintegrate the concept of "digital Yangtze River", and deepen its application and promotion in the Yangtze River Economic Belt around the development priorities of environmental protection, transportation, and industrial transformation.

  The Yangtze River is the busiest waterway in China, and it is the main skeleton of comprehensive three-dimensional transportation in the Yangtze River Economic Zone.

At present, the Yangtze River Channel is implementing a comprehensive and deep-level information technology revolution.

The management service method of the Yangtze River Waterway is transforming from the traditional manual mode to the digital mode.

  He suggested speeding up the deployment of the "all-weather, all-element, all-round" Yangtze River Basin Waterway Perception Network to provide guarantees for safe and efficient navigation of ships and waterway maintenance decision-making; through data analysis, scientific coordination and timely dispatch should be promoted to enhance the safety of Yangtze River shipping. ability.

At the same time, qualified and representative flight segments can be selected along the Yangtze River to carry out the construction of a digital Yangtze River application demonstration zone.