Before the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the 11th of this week, Reconstruction Minister Hirasawa will take into account individual needs in NHK's "Sunday Debate" to address various issues regarding future reconstruction policies. , He showed the idea that it is necessary to proceed flexibly.

Among them, Reconstruction Minister Hirasawa commented on the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, saying, "Because there are no places to live, no roads, no bridges, we have rushed to the hardware side and came up with a unified reconstruction policy, but there are various problems. It is necessary to listen carefully to each person's needs and work flexibly so that we can respond flexibly and individually. "

On the other hand, among the difficult-to-return areas around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company, regarding the response to areas where the prospect of lifting the evacuation order has not been shown, "We are accelerating the examination and will reduce it to zero as soon as possible. Prime Minister Kan also said, "Even if it takes time, we will eventually release everything."

In addition, Minister Hirasawa said, "Fukushima is not a nuclear power plant and must be famous in another way. By creating a research facility for advanced technology and a world-class international education and research center, a town that will be known to the world. I want to do it. "

Governor Tatsumasu Iwate "Promoting activities to watch over victims and promoting the region"

Governor Tatsumasu of Iwate Prefecture said, "For the past 10 years, instead of returning to the past, we have been working on reconstruction projects to catch up with what we should be 10 years from now. Therefore, I would like to promote the business of watching over the victims by having young people who make U-turns in the local area and people who make I-turns from the city move in, which will lead to regional development. "

Governor Miyagi Murai "The Minister of Reconstruction demonstrates leadership and responds flexibly"

Governor Murai of Miyagi Prefecture said, "We were able to recover to this point with the support of the government, but there are still a lot of reconstruction projects left. The earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 or higher that occurred last month caused damage to Miyagi Prefecture again. It is possible that this will incur additional project costs, so the government wants the Minister of Reconstruction to take leadership and respond flexibly, rather than vertically dividing it. "

Governor Fukushima Uchibori "The government will take responsibility for reconstruction until the end."

Governor Uchibori of Fukushima Prefecture said, "Fukushima Prefecture is facing a number of disasters and difficulties, such as the damage caused by a typhoon and the earthquake last month. The country has not clearly indicated its future direction, and it is important for the country to take responsibility for the reconstruction of Fukushima to the end. "