China News Service, March 6th, reported comprehensively that there have been three strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 or above in New Zealand recently, and the authorities have issued tsunami warnings to various parts of the Pacific.

On the 6th local time, aftershocks continued to occur in the North Island of New Zealand, and the U.S. Geological Survey recorded an aftershock with the highest magnitude of 6.3.

Data map: New Zealand people walking on the beach.

  According to reports, there is no news of severe damage or casualties caused by strong earthquakes and small aftershocks.

These aftershocks mainly occurred off the eastern city of Gisborne.

  Prior to this, in the hours from the evening of the 4th to the early morning of the 5th, Beijing time, three consecutive strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 or more occurred in the northern waters of New Zealand, with the maximum magnitude of 8.1.

  The earthquake on the evening of the 4th was relatively close to the North Island, and the earthquakes in Auckland and Wellington were felt strongly.

After that, local aftershocks occurred frequently.

  According to reports, the earthquake triggered a tsunami warning.

The New Zealand Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences has warned that there is a high probability of strong aftershocks of magnitude 7 or higher in the area in the next few decades.