“Very soon we will be able to say about a complete reboot of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, and it will begin with the change of its head, who has completely discredited himself in this position,” he quotes at an online conference with representatives of the Center for European Politics RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Zelensky signed a new decree on the removal from office of the head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

In October 2020, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine ruled that part of the provisions of the Law "On Prevention of Corruption" did not comply with the country's fundamental law.

This also affected the criminal liability for inaccurate declaration of income by officials.

After that, Zelensky introduced a bill to parliament, according to which it is proposed to deprive the judges of the Constitutional Court of their powers and restore the law on declaration that they had canceled.

At the end of December, Zelensky signed a decree removing Tupitsky from the position of judge of the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court said that Tupitsky will continue to work, despite the decree on his removal.

At the end of January, Zelenskiy withdrew the draft law on the deprivation of powers of judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine for revision.