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the beginning of this year, President Yoon Seok-yeol seemed to fill his entire term, but attention is focused on why he resigned four months before his term and what he will do after he resigns.

The detention center problem is regarded as the decisive cause behind the resignation, but various interpretations are emerging in the political world.

This news is from Han Se-hyun.


Prosecutor-general Yoon Seok-yeol said that he would hold the post and protect the six major crimes the prosecution has, including corruption, economy, public officials, and elections.

If even this right of investigation is handed over to the Heavy Water Agency and the prosecution has the right to prosecute, Yoon argues that it will become a so-called'corruption perfection' that completely smacks of corruption.

The passport criticizes that the speech was changed by summoning President Yoon's remarks at the 2019 personnel hearing.

[Geum Tae-seop/At the time Democratic Party Member: Is this the intention that the direct investigation function could actually be put down while maintaining the control function to comply with the due process?]

[Suk-Yul Yoon/President candidate at the time: Yes.

In the long run, I think we can do that.] The fact that the

bills related to the Heavy Water Administration are not ripe in the passport is the reason why the passport puts a question mark on Yun's sincerity.

A member of the ruling party's prosecution and reform special committee, who is discussing the bill, said, "There has been an opinion to postpone the promotion itself after the election so that the bill can be finalized," he said. "Isn't Yoon very nervous."

In addition, in the passport, it is interpreted that the so-called'Prohibited Law for Yoon Seok-yeol' was proposed to the National Assembly, which states that incumbent prosecutors and judges must resign up to one year before they can run for public office.

As for President Yoon's future actions, the prospect of growing up in the third zone rather than joining an existing political party right now and seeking solidarity with the existing political party right before the election is gaining momentum from the political world.