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Choosing the best auto insurance for your vehicle is not that simple, however.

All the contracts offered today do not have the same coverage.

You must therefore be attentive to the specificities of each of them before making a commitment and take stock of your needs, whatever the situation.

To do this, discover some tips and 3 of the most interesting contracts of the moment.

The different automobile insurance contracts

To make your choice, it is better to know the differences between the contracts that you may encounter:

  • The first is called “third party auto insurance”.

    This is the first degree of protection, or even the mandatory minimum in France.

    Thanks to this contract, damage caused to a third party by your car is covered.

    You, or the driver of your vehicle, as well as damage caused to the latter are not covered.

  • The enriched third party insurance, it takes the previous conditions, but allows you to add some additional clauses.

    This could for example be broken glass, theft, etc.

  • Finally, comprehensive insurance offers the most coverage.

    It covers the damage to the two drivers as well as those to the two damaged vehicles, even in the event of a claim for which you are responsible.

The price of your car insurance therefore depends on the type of contract to which you wish to subscribe, but also on the model of your car, the geographical area in which you live and your driver profile.

The latter takes into account your history over the last 5 years and the claims declared, forming what is called the “bonus-malus”.

Depending on its value, you can enjoy advantages, in the form of an insurance premium, or on the contrary be financially sanctioned.

The 3 most interesting auto insurance contracts at the moment

The Olivier Assurance offer: 20 euros offered thanks to 20 Minute

The Olivier Assurance offer - DR

Among the insurance contracts currently offered, certain partner offers allow you to take advantage of a few advantages.

This is the case with 20 Minutes.

For any subscription to an online contract on the Olivier Assurance website, and after having validated it, you will automatically receive 20 euros in your bank account.

To take advantage of this offer, make sure that a banner appears on the Olivier Assurance website.

The latter must confirm to you that the offer of the 20 euros offered has been taken into account and the forthcoming payment of this sum into your account.

Discover the Olivier Assurance offer

The Groupama offer: 50 euros free for any subscription

The Groupama - DR offer

Another reputable insurance, Groupama currently offers you to earn 50 euros for any subscription to a new auto insurance contract.

You can subscribe to it online from the insurer's website and then benefit from the coverage corresponding to your needs.

This offer allows you to save precious euros on your first year of membership.

Discover the Groupama offer

The Allianz offer: 2 months of contribution free for any subscription

The Allianz - DR offer

The last particularly interesting offer at the moment, Allianz is offering you two months of contribution for the subscription of a new Allianz auto contract.

All you need to do is complete an online subscription request, directly on the insurer's website.

The direct debits of these two free months are automatically blocked.

Discover the Allianz offer

Choosing auto insurance shouldn't be left to chance.

It is indeed important that you are well covered and that the budget for this position remains attractive.

So take the time to study your options and choose the contract that best suits your needs.

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