Most notable is the remote driver screening procedure without a tester

Dubai Roads sets 9 goals for the smart licensing center

The smart licensing center plays the role of the central brain for all information.

Photography: Ashok Verma

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has set nine desired goals for the new smart licensing operations center, among which is to be able in the future to conduct a practical examination of drivers remotely without an inside vehicle tester, using artificial intelligence techniques.

"Emirates Today" visited the center, which receives 14 million information records per day, and consists of three departments that include driver licensing, vehicle licensing support, and smart monitoring.

In 2017, the Authority inaugurated the Smart Licensing Center of the Licensing Agency, and last December it launched the Smart Licensing Operations Center.

The Drivers Licensing Operations Center plays the role of the central mind and the collecting platform for all the information that it stores and tracks, and its team analyzes and saves the mental map of the smart licensing center.

The center follows up the procedures related to licensing drivers, which include training, practical examinations and monitoring the performance of institutes, as the camera systems linked to the systems of driving training institutes allow direct access to education and training processes, whether inside the lecture halls or inside the training and practical examination vehicles.

The Executive Director of the Licensing Agency, Abdullah Yusuf Al Ali, explained to "Emirates Today", the desired benefits of the center in its three departments, stressing that the center has begun work to achieve nine goals within phased and future plans that extend to 2024.

He explained that the objectives include improving and raising the quality of service provided by the partners in the various service centers, ensuring the quality of training outputs on leadership and testing, measuring and raising the level of performance of trainers and examiners, and improving their behavior during training and examination processes based on documented practical experiences that are analyzed and developed continuously.

He added that the center is working to raise the level of satisfaction of the trainees by improving their experience by developing various tools with the help of smart technical tools used in driver licensing processes, as well as reducing the response time to review the video content of all grievances submitted by customers.

Al Ali said that the desired objectives of the center are to achieve a higher level of traffic safety and to enhance the current levels by ensuring the governance and quality of licensing services for drivers and vehicles, as well as the possibility of conducting practical remote checks and conducting remote smart yard checks, which is one of the practical examinations that The trainee must pass it on the way to the last practical examination that measures his capabilities and eligibility to obtain a driver's license.

He pointed out that the Intelligent Licensing Operations Center operates through 10 advanced technical systems and will be updated and developed over the next three years, adding that its data support smart “remote” control and inspection operations, as it includes the vehicle safety system, the sensor system in the institutes' theoretical training rooms, and the system Driver training, commercial licensing system, vehicle rental system, geographic tracking system, electronic licensing system, technical inspection centralization system, camera management system, vehicle weighing and dimensions measuring system while driving.

The Director of the Licensing Activities Supervision Department, Muhammad Nabhan, stated that the Smart Control Center of the Smart Licensing Operations Center is working to achieve its four tasks, which include monitoring technical inspection centers and vehicle driving education centers, controlling heavy vehicles, as well as monitoring commercial transport activities.

The authority is looking forward to the possibility of transforming the smart licensing operations center by 2024 into a regional center for analyzing training and inspection data, in a way that contributes to enhancing traffic safety levels and transportation operations in the region.

Execution of judicial orders

The Vehicle Licensing Operations Support Center affiliated to the Smart Licensing Operations Center is responsible for supporting all vehicle licensing transactions in the Emirate of Dubai that are performed through customer happiness centers and service provider centers.

The center also deals with exceptional cases that include the implementation of judicial orders, and provides support for the transactions of people of determination, as well as providing immediate support for support services such as insurance and vehicle mortgage, in addition to resolving obstacles to the traffic file for individuals and private establishments.

The center uses, during the implementation of its tasks, smart technologies to access all files, documents and videos through the center's systems, where it can make decisions and take decisions remotely and instantly.

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