The court of Amiens.


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He had attacked a police officer with a knife in a police station in mid-January.

A 44-year-old Algerian was sentenced on Wednesday to thirty months' imprisonment in Amiens for armed violence, with premeditation, on a person holding public authority.

He was also ordered to pay 1,500 euros in damages to this policeman, and 1,000 euros to a second, slightly injured in the hand.

The prosecutor had requested four years in prison.

A round-tipped knife

A first hearing on February 10 had been postponed at the request of the defendant's lawyer Claire Gricourt, to allow him to be examined by a psychiatrist.

He was then hospitalized in a psychiatric unit in Lille.

On January 13, this forty-something had entered a police station in downtown Amiens, brandishing a round-tipped knife at an agent.

Questioned Wednesday by the president, this policeman assured to have heard him, in a formal way, shout "Allahu akbar".

“For me, the blade was pointed at me, and he was moving with phenomenal force.

Fortunately, my colleagues came to lend me a hand, ”he said.

According to him, the defendant tried to strike him "at least two blows", without success.

His colleague corroborated his version, indicating, however, that he "did not hear" the words spoken.

"This file concerns terrorism"

"I never hurt anyone," said the respondent, assuring that he never intended to kill or injure anyone, and apologizing to the police.

He spoke of his depression, claiming to have made two suicide attempts in the past.

Religion is "not at the center of my life," he said.

"No element pointing in the direction of any radicalization" was discovered during the investigation, according to the prosecution.

Arrived in France in 2005 on a long-stay student visa, he had been subject to three obligations to leave French territory but was unknown to the courts.

According to the psychiatrist expert, his judgment was not altered at the time of the facts.

For Djamilah Berriah, lawyer for one of the two police officers who are part of the civil party, “this case is terrorism and has no place in correctional proceedings.

He wanted to die as a martyr, ”she said.

"We do not know what happened in his head but he did not have the will to kill", pleaded the lawyer of the condemned.

For their part, the police lawyers plan to appeal to demand the requalification of the facts.


After an assault in an Amiens police station, the suspect was deemed "depressive"


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