At the House of Councilors Budget Committee, Prime Minister Suga reiterated his intention to consider extending the state of emergency issued to the three prefectures of the Tokyo metropolitan area by about two weeks until the 7th of this month. We asked for the understanding that it is a necessary measure to prevent the spread of infection and protect the lives and livelihoods of the people in a severe situation of tightness.

Liberal Democratic Party Masayuki Tokushige said last night that Prime Minister Suga had indicated that he would consider extending the deadline for the state of emergency by about two weeks from the 7th of this month. On the other hand, there are also voices requesting that the state of emergency be lifted as soon as possible. I would like to hear the thoughts that led to the decision. "

In response, Prime Minister Suga said, "In each of the three prefectures, we are in a very important phase to control infectious diseases. There are still strict indicators such as the tightness of beds, and it takes about two weeks to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people. Isn't it necessary to extend this? I would like to make a final decision after fully listening to the opinions of experts and related parties. "

In addition, Mr. Omi, chairman of the government subcommittee, said about the extension of the state of emergency, "It is necessary to reduce the burden on medical care for a while. Also, the metropolitan area has a high population density and the flow of people. = Because there are many people, the possibility of (Jinryu) rebound is higher than in other areas, and it is necessary to strengthen the preparation system. The direction of extension is the right choice. "

Komeito's House of Councilors Chairman Nishida said, "There are many digital-related troubles such as the contact confirmation application" COCOA ". After seeing a series of problems with the system built for Corona, how did it change with the establishment of the Digital Agency? Will you go? "

In response, Prime Minister Suga said, "This infectious disease has highlighted digital delays in administrative services and the private sector. I want to create a digital society that is comparable to the world in that all procedures can be performed without going to the government office. The Digital Agency will lead the digitalization of the entire country as a powerful organization that eliminates vertical divisions. "

Mr. Sayaka Sasaki of the Komeito Party said, "There are also concerns about vaccination of persons with disabilities,'Will you be accompanied by a caregiver?'. In addition to ensuring that necessary consideration and support are given at the mass vaccination venue. , We should also be able to choose individual vaccinations at home or at home. "

In response, the minister in charge of vaccination, Kono, said, "I would like to ask the local government to make efforts so that we can provide voice guidance at the vaccination site and have a caregiver go with us. It is also possible to inoculate the vaccine. I would like to ask the local government to give various consideration and to receive the vaccination smoothly. "