In England, a young couple was caught camping in a tent on the edge of a cliff in an area famous for landslides with their children.

According to the BBC on the 4th and the Daily Guardian, the Staces and Whitby Coast Guard in North Yorkshire in northeast England received a report that a tent was installed on the cliffs of Cleveland Way in North York Moors National Park on the 27th of last month.

This area has been at high risk of collapse due to several recent landslides.

Last month, the cliffs of nearby Runswick Bay collapsed, causing over 200 tons of rockfall hit the beach.

The tent that the guard found was installed on the edge of a cliff, especially 85m high, so it was a dizzyingly dangerous situation when looking down.

As a result of the security check, a 30-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman were camping with their children in the tent.

North Yorkshire police who investigated the scene together fined the couple for violating the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines.

Currently, the UK government prohibits non-residential stays, such as villas, boats, and mobile homes, unless required.

The police said the couple were very irresponsible. "If a landslide occurred, it could harm the safety of not only them, but also the children. It could also endanger the lives of rescuers who had to save them."

The guard said, "Cliffs can easily collapse as the winter weather eases," and warned that you should not walk or go near the edge of the cliff.

(Photo = Staith Guard Facebook capture, Yonhap News)