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situation in Myanmar is getting worse.

The military and police's indiscriminate firing resulted in 38 civilians killed in just one day yesterday (3rd), causing the worst human injury after the coup. In some areas, machine guns appeared and fighters flying over the city center.

This is Jung Joon-hyung.


Fellow protesters move a citizen who was shot in the head and fell down at the scene of a protest.

Myanmar suffered the highest number of deaths from 38 people since the coup yesterday.

Soldiers at the site of the protests brutally quelled the citizens who were engaged in the peaceful protests by shooting live ammunition.

Machine guns were even mobilized against unarmed citizens in some areas.

[Christine Berginer/United Nations Envoy of Myanmar: It appears that the police are shooting 9mm machine guns.

They are shooting live ammunition.]

Protesters are spraying fire extinguishers in the streets to obstruct the sight of snipers.

The suspicion that the military and police are aiming at the protesters is growing as people who have been shot in the head continue to die.

Fighters were even mobilized over major cities in Myanmar to threaten citizens.

Six reporters from home and abroad who were covering the situation of the protests were arrested, and nearly 1,200 protesters have been arrested and detained so far.

The US government has said it will review additional sanctions, saying it should condemn the brutal violence of the Myanmar military.

A 19-year-old girl who was shot in the head while demonstrating wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "It's all going well" emerged as a symbol of civil resistance.

There is growing concern that the death toll could increase as citizens who had funered the victims came out to the streets today to protest.

(Video editing: Jung Yonghwa)