Legislative in Côte d'Ivoire: what chances for independent candidates?

A poster of the CEI to promote the legislative elections, this March 4, 2021 in Abidjan.

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For these 2021 legislative elections, scheduled for Saturday March 6, they are 807 independent candidates to stand for the deputation.

These represent more than half of the 1,533 applicants.

Are they going to have a major role?

What are their profiles?


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With our correspondent in Abidjan,

François Hume-Ferkatadji

In Koumassi, there are three lists of independents in addition to the four major formations or alliances.

A dissident candidate of the PDCI, Yao Kouadio crisscrosses this commune of Abidjan, in his personal vehicle.

No state funding is provided for local independent campaigns.

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Opposition parties are all in contention this year


We finance with our own funds.

The three of us get together to cover the cost of our campaign.

You see we are running a sober campaign.

We don't have big meetings.

We have a local approach, from home to home,

 ”explains Yao Kouadio.

According to political scientist Sylvain N'Guessan, independent



are less likely to create surprise than in previous elections, where they won 76 seats out of the 255 to run for.

A situation which can be explained by the presence of all the opposition parties this year.

Alain Lobognon, confirmed candidate ... but still imprisoned

Only Guillaume Soro's GPS did not want to align.

Yet it is from this party that

Alain Lobognon came


He is perhaps the most singular of the independent candidates: he is a former minister and incumbent deputy, he has the support of the PDCI and the FPI, and he has been

in prison for over a year

, for political reasons according to him. his gang.

It is therefore his wife

Amira Lobognon

who is leading the campaign for him in his constituency of Fresco.


These populations who elected their deputy are very surprised.

They expected their deputy to be released, given that the Constitutional Council validated this candidacy.

They don't understand why he is still in this prison,

 ”she confides.

Photo library (more .....) Closing meeting March 4, 2021 - Municipality of Fresco, Place Citelcom

Posted by ALAIN LOBOGNON on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Another point of tension: in Odienné commune, on the three independent lists competing against the RHDP, two withdrew and one was invalidated by the Constitutional Council.

Candidate Tahibatou Touré denounces pressure from the ruling party, whose list remains the only one in competition.

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