At the IAEA-International Atomic Energy Agency's board of directors on Iran's nuclear program, Western countries have forgotten to submit a resolution condemning Iran to increase pressure.

With priority given to diplomatic negotiations, the focus will be on the future outlook for Iran.

The IAEA, headquartered in Vienna, the capital of Austria, met on the 1st to discuss Iran's acceleration of uranium enrichment and measures to significantly limit IAEA inspections. Was done.

At the board meeting, the United States and Britain, France, and Germany, which are participating in the nuclear agreement, were playing a central role in blaming Iran and seeking to adopt a resolution urging cooperation with the IAEA, while Iran rebelled. Russia and others have also opposed it.

As a result, Western countries postponed the submission of the condemnation resolution on the 4th.

On the Western side, by forgoing the resolution, diplomatic negotiations have been prioritized over pressure on Iran for the time being.

A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed it as "leaving a diplomatic path" and the focus is on the future of Iran.

Meanwhile, IAEA Secretary-General Grossi will hold a press conference on the 4th to discuss the issue of uranium traces found in Iran's nuclear facilities at the engineer level in Iran early next month (April). Clarified and emphasized the attitude of seeking explanation.