China News Service, March 4th. Comprehensive European Network, Greece "China Greek Times" reported that at 12:16 local time on March 3, a magnitude 6 earthquake occurred in Thessaly region of central Greece, including the capital Athens. All have a sense of shock.

According to the latest news from the Institute of Geodynamics of the National Astronomical Observatory of Athens, a 6.0-magnitude earthquake occurred on the 3rd near Larissa, a major city in central Greece.

The local government stated that there are no reports of casualties.

  According to reports, the epicenter of the earthquake was 16 kilometers south of Ellasson Town, with a focal depth of 7.8 kilometers.

From 12:19 to 14:02 on the 3rd, there were also 10 aftershocks ranging from magnitude 3 to magnitude 5.

  According to reports, the Governor of Thessaly, Costas Agalastos, said that the earthquake caused damage to some buildings, but no reports of casualties have been received.

The earthquake was felt in many areas of western Greece and the capital, Athens.

  When a strong earthquake occurred, citizens went outside to take shelter one after another, and local telecommunication services were also affected for a while.

  Greek geologist Papadupoulos said that the strong earthquake was caused by the "Tirnavos" fault.

He pointed out that, historically, the fault has not caused a major earthquake, but it is still necessary to be cautious.

Papadupoulos also warned the local people to be vigilant for continuous aftershocks, especially in the next few months, there may be strong aftershocks.

  After the earthquake, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis has listened to the local disaster report.

Officials such as Vice Minister of State Rivanos, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation Karaguinness, and Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense Floros rushed to the earthquake-stricken area.

The crisis management team of the authorities and the rescue team pay close attention to the local situation and are ready to provide assistance at any time.

(Lin Jingyi Cai Ling)