China News Agency, Beijing, March 4 (Reporter Zhou Yin) The reporter learned from China Aviation Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Aviation Industry) on the 4th that the civil manned airship AS700 independently developed by the Aviation Industry Special Aviation Institute of the Aviation Industry , Is expected to achieve its first flight in the second half of 2021.

  According to the aviation industry, the boat is based on the requirements of the low-altitude tourism market at home and abroad, in accordance with the type certification requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and in accordance with the design concept of "one boat with multiple types and series development", the introduction of advanced design concepts in the aviation field, China's independent research The first type of manned airship product was established in June 2018, and the development work was officially launched in August of the same year.

  According to Zhang Jinhua, senior director of the Aviation Industry Special Aviation Institute, the AS700 manned airship adopts a single-pilot system and can carry up to 9 passengers.

Conventional single-bag body layout, streamlined airbag shape, "X"-shaped layout rigid tail, single-point landing gear cannot be retracted.

The maximum range is 700 kilometers, and the maximum range is 10 hours.

  The airship adopts lightweight polymer capsule material and highly reliable tear-proof structure design. It is equipped with a helium safety valve to prevent overpressure of the airbag. It has the ability to land safely in the event of dual engine or control system failure, ensuring the safety of the airship.

  Zhang Jinhua emphasized that the civil manned airship AS700, which will complete its first flight this year, is a research and development project approved by the aviation industry's special flight through extensive market research and analysis, and through continuous in-depth demonstration and key technology research. It is used in tourism, sightseeing, and physical exploration. , Marine monitoring, cargo transportation, emergency rescue and other aspects have a wide range of applications. It is expected that the market demand will reach nearly 100 ships in the next ten years.

  Experts said that the successful development and use of the AS700 manned airship will effectively shorten the gap between China and foreign advanced manned airship design and manufacturing technology, and enhance China's core competitiveness in the field of international aerospace vehicles; at the same time, it can effectively drive The development of upstream and downstream industries and the advancement of related science and technology have gradually established China's manned airship design, manufacturing, operation and airworthiness technology system, and promoted the continuous development of China's aerospace vehicle industry.