Munich (dpa / lby) - On the second day of the warning strikes in the Bavarian metal and electrical industry, more than 4,000 employees in 15 companies took part, according to IG Metall.

A rally with 1000 participants took place at the industrial and automotive supplier Schaeffler in Schweinfurt on Wednesday morning.

At the aircraft supplier MTU in Munich, 800 metal workers were involved in a “warning strike caravan” with nine half-hour warning strikes, according to the union.

"We make sure that a warning strike does not disrupt the processes in other companies that are not on strike that day," said a union spokesman.

IG Metall wants to avoid long-range effects.

Even after four rounds of negotiations, the parties to the collective bargaining agreement had not yet reached rapprochement and agreed to take a “pause for thought” before the next meeting.

IG Metall demands four percent more wages for employees nationwide - if things are going badly in a company, in the form of wage compensation and a reduction in working hours.

After a zero round this year, employers will only offer unquantified wage increases from 2022 and also demand that companies in crisis can automatically deviate from the collective agreement with certain balance sheet figures without renegotiating with IG Metall.

Around 840,000 people work in the metal and electrical industries in Bavaria.


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