In "Sans Rendez-vous", the sex therapist and psychoanalyst Catherine Blanc responds to Florian who is still a virgin at 35 years old.

He wonders if this might scare the women away.

The specialist wants to be reassuring but also affirms that there is a reason other than the absence of the good meeting to explain this situation. 

>> It is a subject that is often delicate to broach, especially after a certain age: sexual inexperience.

However, at 35, Florian does not despair of finding "[his] half".

But he fears that his situation will scare away women.

Wanting to be reassuring, sex therapist and psychoanalyst Catherine Blanc argues that he can always find something to suit him, especially because his inexperience may appeal to some women.

But the specialist also affirms in "Sans Rendez-vous" that the absence of the good meeting is not the only reason to explain this situation.

Florian's question

At 35, I'm still a virgin.

I hope to meet my other half one day but I'm afraid that my lack of experience will scare women away.

What do you think ?

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Catherine Blanc's response

Not having experience at 35 does not mean that you will never have one.

Now, Florian shouldn't be looking for his other half, but for a whole person, because from the moment you look for your other half, there is little chance of finding each other.

The search for love is indeed quite naturally a search for oneself, and it is through this quest that we will discover the other in his differences.

Which will give us the opportunity to grow and flourish.

Being still a virgin at 35 is still out of the ordinary from a statistical point of view, does that reflect a problem?

If everyone is moving at their own pace, we can indeed note here that this time of sexuality is slow.

This obviously raises the question of what is at the origin of this impediment.

You can't just say it's because you haven't met the right person.

It can be a shyness, a fear of the feminine, but also the search for a partner whose idea becomes more and more precise, and even less credible since it no longer corresponds to reality.

It is also possible that the search for a partner here hides the question of the genre that really attracts Florian.

The fact that it is a man can create a complex?

Yes, because we traditionally expect a man to be an initiator, to already have skills.

Can this repel a possible partner?

I think there are some women who are going to love the idea of ​​initiating this man because they may want to be the first and lead the way with their own idea of ​​femininity.

But others, who are waiting to be revealed through a man, may be worried.

May Florian be reassured, he has possibilities.