Francisco Tejón 'Isco', one of the two brothers who leads the

Los Castaña

clan of drug traffickers

, has left the Botafuegos prison in Algeciras after posting a 200,000 euro bond.

Consulted police sources have confirmed his release from prison, which this time does seem firm, unlike what happened in October 2019 when he paid 120,000 euros to leave prison and could not do so due to the revocation of the

Algeciras Section of the Provincial Court

and the multiple causes that he and his brother, Antonio, have open.

Among the crimes he is charged with are those of belonging to a criminal organization, against public health or money laundering.

The agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police are outraged because they do not understand that it can be argued that the two years in prison have been served without the trial having been held.

Thus, they consider that there would be arguments to prevent him from being on the street again, since the origin of the money used to pay the bail could be investigated and revoked if it were illegal.

Coincidentally, the departure of one of the hashish bosses coincides with the visit to Algeciras of the government delegate in Andalusia, Sandra García, who has defended and valued the

Campo de Gibraltar

special plan

that began with the arrival at the Ministry of Interior of

Fernando Grande Marlaska

and that, as he has said during his stay in the Association of Municipalities, "allowed to recover the principle of authority in the area."

Likewise, various police unions also recall that the PSOE, in a recent session of the Senate, voted against

a proposal by Citizens

to declare the arch of the Bay of Algeciras a special area of ​​singularity to combat drug trafficking.

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