(Two Sessions Express) Guo Weimin, the first press conference of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, faces doubts and focuses on political collaboration

  China News Service, Beijing, March 3rd, title: Guo Weimin, the first press conference of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, faces doubts and focuses on the use of political collaboration

  China News Agency reporter Zheng Qiao

  The first press conference of the Fourth Session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee was held on March 3, attracting the attention of all walks of life at home and abroad.

In more than 80 minutes, Guo Weimin, the spokesperson of the conference, answered questions from 12 reporters, confronted them directly, and focused more on political collaboration.

On March 3, the press conference of the Fourth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference was held in Beijing. Guo Weimin, the spokesperson of the conference, briefed Chinese and foreign media about the conference and answered questions from reporters.

In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic and jointly maintain public health and health, the press conference will be conducted in the form of online video.

The picture shows the reporter attending the press conference at the branch venue.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

Facing doubt and clarifying China's position

  In response to questions from overseas that "China uses vaccine exports to expand geopolitical influence," Guo Weimin pointed out that "this statement is very narrow."

  "China's international cooperation on vaccines is to help the international community to overcome the epidemic together and to practice the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind." He said that as of the end of February, China has provided vaccine assistance to 69 countries and 2 international organizations, and 28 countries. The number of exported vaccines is still increasing.

  Some media asked that some observers believe that China's image continues to decline.

  "Some are because some foreign people don't understand China, and some are because they have been misled by certain anti-China politicians." Guo Weimin responded that it is better to see.

I believe that as more and more foreigners visit China, and China also strengthens foreign exchanges and cooperation, more and more people will like China, and their favorability will continue to increase.

  As for foreign politicians who have encouraged a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, Guo Weimin said that individual foreign politicians politicized sports in an attempt to disrupt the preparation and holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics. These practices violate the spirit of the Olympic Charter.

"I believe that such a move is futile without the support of the international community, and it is destined to fail."

  In response to the question about “China’s current poverty alleviation standards are lower than the international poverty standards”, Guo Weimin responded that China’s poverty alleviation standards are comprehensive standards. From an income perspective, they are higher than the extreme poverty standards set by the World Bank; all the Chinese poor are achieved. There is no need to worry about food and clothing, and compulsory education, basic medical care, housing safety and drinking water safety are guaranteed in an all-round way.

Focus on political collaboration

  At the press conference, Guo Weimin repeatedly emphasized the role played by the CPPCC.

  "The economic situation and the business environment are issues of great concern to society, and are also an issue that the CPPCC attaches great importance to." Guo Weimin pointed out in his question and answer that members of the committee often discussed and researched the economic situation and business environment.

This year the CPPCC will continue to pay attention to this topic and contribute wisdom and strength to the creation of a market-oriented, legalized, and international business environment.

  When talking about people's livelihood issues such as personal information security, aging and the difficulty of using smart devices for the elderly, Guo Weimin introduced the efforts made by the CPPCC and emphasized that it will continue to promote relevant work to make new progress.

  Regarding "Patriots governing Hong Kong", Guo Weimin pointed out in response that "patriotics governing Hong Kong" is the due and core essence of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy, and the fundamental principle that must be adhered to in the comprehensive and accurate implementation of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy.

He emphasized that the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference will conscientiously implement the central government's major policies for Hong Kong and Macau work, strengthen ideological and political guidance, broadly build consensus, and firmly support the fundamental principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong".

  At the press conference, Guo Weimin summed up the work of the CPPCC in the past year and said, “More than 2,100 CPPCC members from 34 sectors have the courage to assume their responsibilities, perform their duties, and make important contributions to epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Excellent performance answer sheet".