According to a comprehensive report from China News Service, March 3, people familiar with the matter revealed that Tokyo, Japan, will request the central government to extend the "emergency declaration" in the local and neighboring three counties for about two weeks because of the recent decline in the number of new crown cases in these areas. Has slowed down.

On January 7, local time, in Tokyo, Japan, people took to the streets wearing masks.

  According to reports, multiple sources pointed out that Tokyo Metropolitan Government is coordinating with three neighboring counties to request the extension of the "Declaration of Emergency."

Residents of the above four regions account for approximately 30% of Japan's population.

  Governor Yuriko Koike of Tokyo said on the 2nd that because the number of new infections in the local area has not reached the target, she is very cautious about whether the local ban can be lifted.

At present, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s goal is to control the 7-day average value to not exceed 70% of the previous week, but as of the 2nd, it has exceeded 80% for 3 consecutive days.

  On March 1, the six prefectures of Japan, Gifu, Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka, lifted the "Declaration of Emergency", and the metropolitan area, including Tokyo, will lift the ban on the 7th.

  The report pointed out that due to the scheduled hosting of the Summer Olympics on July 23, the epidemic in Tokyo has attracted much attention. On March 2, Tokyo reported 232 new confirmed cases, with a total of 112,029 confirmed cases.