Hyaluronic acid is allowed to "eat", using biotechnology to expand "beautiful business"

  Not long ago, the National Health Commission issued an official announcement, approving sodium hyaluronate (i.e. hyaluronic acid, commonly known as hyaluronic acid) declared by Huaxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaxi Bio) as a new food raw material. The scope of application is Milk and dairy products, beverages, alcohol, cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products (including cocoa butter substitute chocolate and products), as well as sweets, frozen drinks, excluding foods for infants and young children.

  "The company started to declare in 2004 and has now been approved. Although it is not easy, the results are satisfactory." In an interview with a reporter from Science and Technology Daily on March 1, Guo Xueping, chief scientist of Huaxi Biotechnology, was deeply moved.

  Seed players in the field of hyaluronic acid

  In 1934, Meyer, a professor of ophthalmology at Columbia University in the United States, first isolated hyaluronic acid from the vitreous body of a bull eye.

Later, scientists discovered that it has a unique molecular structure and physical and chemical properties; it shows important functions in the body such as lubricating joints, regulating proteins, and promoting wound healing; 2% hyaluronic acid can lock 98% of the body’s water, but at the age of 25 After that, it will drain.

  In the 1970s, scientists began to extract hyaluronic acid from cockscomb.

As the first batch of researchers in the field of hyaluronic acid in China, Guo Xueping is determined to conquer the production technology of hyaluronic acid by microbial fermentation.

  In the past century, the production of hyaluronic acid has experienced three industrial revolutions: extraction from animal tissues, preparation by microbial fermentation, and precise control of production by enzyme digestion.

The Huaxi biological R&D team led the last two industrial revolutions.

  It is understood that Huaxi Biological is the first domestic enterprise to realize large-scale production of hyaluronic acid by microbial fermentation.

They used 20 years to develop the hyaluronic acid fermentation yield from less than 3 g/l to the current 12-14 g/l, which greatly reduced the cost of hyaluronic acid.

Data show that in 2019, Huaxi Bio-Hyaluronic Acid raw materials accounted for 39% of the global market share, ranking first in the world.

  Open the curtain of the 100 billion-level market

  Now the world's largest hyaluronic acid research and development, production, and sales company has once again opened the ceiling of growth-producing food-grade hyaluronic acid.

  Guo Xueping showed reporters the hyaluronic acid oral liquid they launched in Japan.

He said: "Oral hyaluronic acid has the effects of improving human skin moisture, improving joint function, and repairing gastric mucosal damage."

  In terms of beauty, what is the difference between applying or injecting hyaluronic acid and oral hyaluronic acid?

A new study provided by Professor Wu Yan, the chief physician of the Department of Dermatology of Peking University First Hospital, shows that when foods with added hyaluronic acid enter the human body, after the hyaluronic acid is broken down and absorbed, new hyaluronic acid will be synthesized in the skin.

She believes that hyaluronic acid is allowed to eat, so that it has a greater future in terms of health.

  On January 22, the well-known consulting organization iResearch released the "Hyaluronic Acid Application Scenarios White Paper" and pointed out that the compound annual growth rate of the global food-grade hyaluronic acid terminal product market from 2016 to 2024 is 7%.

  In foreign countries, hyaluronic acid has already entered the food industry as a raw material for food and health food.

Guo Xueping told reporters that Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries have already launched a variety of health foods and common foods containing hyaluronic acid.

  The National Health Commission officially announced the approval of hyaluronic acid for consumption; Huaxi Biotechnology launched the first domestic hyaluronic acid food brand "Black Zero", announcing the arrival of the era of localization of hyaluronic acid food.

The industry believes that this move will promote the emergence of the "hyaluronic acid food trend" in the market, and the curtain of the 100 billion-level hyaluronic acid food market has begun.