They emphasized the importance of dealing seriously with "influenza" ... and early examination avoids the risk of death

Doctors: Underestimating Coronavirus Symptoms Leads to Intensive Care

  • The most dangerous thing in the current stage is negligence in applying preventive measures to combat "Corona".


  • Dr. Farida Al Hosani: "The incidence of minor symptoms, especially in the elderly, are clear indications that require a visit to the doctor."

  • Dr. Jihad Abdullah: “Knowing about the (Corona) infection early on, protects the person himself, his family, and those around him.”


Doctors on the first line of defense said that dealing with cold symptoms, at the present time, requires a lot of vigilance and care, given its very similarity with the symptoms of the "Covid-19" virus, explaining that as soon as anyone feels symptoms of a cold, they must go to the doctor for a scan (PCR) To make sure whether these are symptoms of influenza or "corona", warning that some people are negligent in diagnosing the symptoms, which leads to severe complications for them, which may lead to intensive care rooms or death.

They emphasized that the most dangerous thing in the current stage is complacency and leniency in applying preventive measures to combat and prevent the spread of the Corona virus, because this complacency wastes the state’s efforts in fighting the pandemic, and its achievements in the areas of early detection and investigation, and treatment of the injured, in addition to providing the vaccine for all segments of society. , Stressing that every individual in society is responsible for his safety and the safety of his family and his surroundings by adhering to preventive measures, and not being complacent when feeling any symptoms so that it is not a source of infection for others.

Doctors warned of the recklessness of some, especially young people, and their failure to obey health warnings, and "false" confidence in their ability to overcome the virus, either because they were previously infected and recover quickly, or because they got the vaccine, forgetting that the infected person may not harm himself, but may cause the transmission of infection. For others, major complications may lead to their death.

In detail, the spokesperson for the health sector in the country, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, called on all segments of society to go to the nearest health center, to diagnose cases showing symptoms of suspicion of "Corona", and to provide health authorities with information on contacts to protect them and others, especially the most vulnerable people. With the symptoms of the disease and its complications, stressing that the efforts of research and development and studies have shown that rapid intervention with laboratory and clinical examinations to discover cases is one of the most important factors in the treatment and medical intervention, in addition to the timely isolation of positive cases and the quarantine of contacts and their follow-up periodically, which contributes to breaking the chain Transmission, and help control disease.

Al-Hosani warned that the symptoms of "Covid-19" are similar to those of the flu, cold or common cold, as many call them, and that they can only be differentiated through swabbing, noting that infection with minor symptoms such as heat, cold or cough, especially among the elderly and owners. Chronic diseases are one of the clear indications that require a visit to a specialist doctor, and self-health care is not sufficient.

For his part, the infectious diseases consultant at Khalifa Hospital and Al Rahba Hospital, Dr. Jihad Abdullah, warned of the negligence of some groups, especially young people who received the Corona vaccine, to adhere to preventive measures, and to rely on them being immunized to be vaccinated, and that in the event of infection, its symptoms will be simple to them. Forgetting that if they are infected, they will pose a danger to society, and they may cause injury to the groups most vulnerable to complications that may reach death, especially the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

He stressed that early detection of "Corona" infection is not only a protection for the person, but it is a protection for his family and those around him as well, especially since many of those infected with the virus do not show symptoms, and if the infection is known early, the person is isolated, and thus protects himself, his family and those around him. With it, especially the elderly and people with chronic diseases, because they have a susceptibility to infection and the occurrence of complications.

Abdullah pointed out that all the studies and statistics that have been conducted since the beginning of the pandemic have shown that detecting infection with the Corona virus early, raises the results of recovery quickly, and leads to excellent results, and it also reduces the chances of any complications for the patient, unlike the delay. In the diagnosis, which leads to a delay in receiving treatment, and thus increased chances of complications.

For his part, a professor at the Canadian University of Western Ontario, a consultant in pediatrics, infectious diseases and immunology at the Heart Medical Center in Al-Ain, Dr. Hussam al-Tatari, confirmed that it is difficult for the general public to distinguish between cold and influenza cases and "Covid-19", especially that the symptoms of " Corona »in most of the infected people are very mild cases, appearing in the form of simple respiratory symptoms, but what we recommend in all these cases is people’s retirement, regardless of whether the person is infected with“ Corona ”or any other viruses, because it is in the public interest to enter The person is in voluntary isolation from seven to 10 days, and observing the symptoms, and it is also necessary for the person to go to the hospital if he feels an increase in these symptoms, because these symptoms increase the likelihood of infection with "Covid-19", and the earlier the diagnosis, and the early treatment is avoided Complications and severe consequences.

While the doctors: Walid Darraj, Ayman Al-Saeed, Mai Muhammad and Safaa Ibrahim, confirmed that the pandemic has not ended, and that all precautionary measures must continue to be maintained, the matter should be dealt with seriously and adhere to the procedures, stressing the need for there to be full awareness and commitment from community members, and that Everyone begins by himself to maintain the precautionary measures, and to communicate with the doctor when feeling any symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of "Corona", to be examined and make sure of his condition in order to protect him and the community.

They indicated that the largest proportion of the infected, currently, show minor symptoms, and if they are complacent and underestimating the matter and dealing with it as a mere "cold" that contributes to the spread of the "Corona" virus in society, and infecting dozens, including patients and elderly people, their health condition may deteriorate. And they die, so early examination is of great importance in preventing the spread of infection, in addition to that the person will receive health care, and follow-up of his condition if it is confirmed that he is infected, which contributes to the speed of his recovery.

Underestimating respiratory symptoms

The spokesperson for the health sector in the country, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, said: “Through our continuous follow-up of cases in the country, we find that there are some people who tolerate the respiratory symptoms that may appear on them, and consider them as normal symptoms, and do not go to examination or diagnosis, until it deteriorates Their health condition, and they develop severe respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, ”stressing that early evaluation of infected cases and contacts is an important and effective weapon in limiting the spread of the Corona virus, and thus reducing disease complications and reducing deaths.

Al Hosani stressed that treating cases of "Covid-19" early, contributes to speeding up the healing process, and reduces the possibility of the disease developing complications that lead to the entry of intensive care or deaths, noting that international studies have shown that the percentage of exposure to complications of "Covid-19", and entry Hospitalization and deaths are doubled among people over 60 years of age and those with chronic diseases.

- As soon as anyone feels cold symptoms, they should go to a doctor for a PCR swab.

- The largest percentage of people infected with "Corona" show minor symptoms, and their complacency contributes to the spread of "the virus".

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