China News Service, Beijing, March 3 (Guo Chaokai, Gao Shiqi) A reporter learned from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology on the 3rd that the Jielong 3 solid launch vehicle developed by the institute has recently completed the project and the development work has been fully launched. The first flight test will be achieved in 2022.

  The Jielong series rockets are a series of solid carrier rocket products launched by China Long March Rocket Co., Ltd. under the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology for the commercial space launch market in 2019, including Jielong 1, Jielong 2, and Jielong 3 3 Type rocket.

Prior to this, the Jielong 1 rocket successfully flew for the first time in August 2019, and it is planned to complete 2 to 3 launch missions this year.

  The Jetron III rocket is the rocket with the largest body diameter, the strongest carrying capacity, and the largest enveloping space of the fairing in the Jetron series.

The rocket adopts a four-stage solid tandem configuration with a maximum diameter of 2.64 meters, a take-off mass of 140 tons, a 500-kilometer solar synchronous orbit (SSO) carrying capacity of 1.5 tons, and a composite fairing with a diameter of 3.35 meters.

  The Jetlong III rocket aims at the large-scale network launch requirements of the upcoming commercial satellite constellation. It has a multi-satellite launch capability of more than "20 satellites with one arrow" and can reduce the launch cost per unit load to 10,000 US dollars per kilogram. Strong market competitiveness.

  It is reported that the Jielong 3 rocket will complete the final assembly test work at the Shandong Haiyang subsidiary of China Long March Rocket Co., Ltd., and it can be directly transferred to the launch ship for sea launch.

Relying on the industrial advantages of the "Eastern Aerospace Port" and breaking the traditional test and launch model of multiple disassembly and assembly, it is expected that the performance period of commercial launch service contracts will be shortened to six months, and rocket launch efficiency will be greatly improved.

  In accordance with the development concept of "serialization, generalization, and diversification of launch methods", the Jielong-3 rocket fully absorbed the development experience of Jielong-1, Long March 11 and other solid carrier rockets, and borrowed from the mature technology of the Long March series of liquid rockets. , While having high reliability, it can also realize the common use of stand-alone aircraft, tooling, equipment, and facilities of the Jielong series rockets to a certain extent.

  According to the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Jielong-3 rocket is equipped with a universal frame-type launching device for both sea and land, which can adapt to both sea and land launch methods.

The development and establishment of the Jielong 3 rocket will further improve the spectrum of commercial rockets and help the institute occupy a new high ground in the commercial space launch market.