Berlin (dpa) - The virologist Christian Drosten estimates the proportion of the Corona variant B.1.1.7 discovered in Great Britain in the infections in Germany at around half.

The proportion of these more contagious mutants will continue to rise, which is inevitable, said the head of virology at the Berlin Charité in the podcast "Coronavirus Update" at NDR-Info.

In Great Britain there are now only remnants of other variants, B.1.1.7 is completely dominant.

The measures there are stricter, so Drosten.

New data on the spread of variants are expected from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) this week.

Last week laboratories spoke of a share of around 30 percent of B.1.1.7 in random samples.

According to initial studies, the mutant is also more likely to cause severe disease.

Their better transferability is considered to be a great risk for loosening.


After months of lockdown, there are signs of further opening steps in Germany - but depending on the regional infection rate and with an "emergency brake".

In principle, the lockdown is to be extended to March 28, also because of the danger posed by the new virus variants.

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