Vaccines: Austria announces possible cooperation with Denmark and Israel

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz no longer wants to depend on the European Union for the production of second generation vaccines.

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Austria announced on Tuesday March 2 a possible cooperation with Denmark and Israel to produce second-generation vaccines against variants of the coronavirus in the future.

Objective: no longer depend solely on the European Union.


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With our correspondent in Vienna,

Isaure Hiace

Sebastian Kurz did not wait for his visit to Israel on Thursday with the Danish Prime Minister to announce a cooperation project between their three countries for second generation vaccines.

According to the Austrian Chancellor, these countries will work together " 

in the years to come

 " to do research and produce second-generation vaccines, in order to deal with new mutations in the coronavirus.

Objective: no longer depend solely on the European Union.

Because if the young chancellor considers the common approach of Brussels " 

correct in principle 

", he criticizes the slowness of the European Medicines Agency to approve vaccines.

This criticism is not new.

Last month already, Sebastian Kurz said he was ready to produce Russian and Chinese vaccines on Austrian soil if the latter got the green light from Europe.

One way to put pressure on the European Medicines Agency, which it already considered slow and bureaucratic at the time.


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