China News Service, March 2 According to the Russian Satellite Network report, US State Department spokesperson Price said on the 1st that the United States will "based on its own interests and values" to study whether to export weapons to Saudi Arabia in the future.

Data map: US President Biden.

  Price said: "Thanks to President Biden and his efforts to reconstruct these relationships from scratch, there are now procedures for any arms sales or handover related transactions. According to the requirements of the procedures, each specific situation will be evaluated according to two major criteria. Proposals for arms sales and handover are our (U.S.) national interests and values."

  He also pointed out that the United States "supports Saudi Arabia's right to self-defense."

  Price mentioned that the United States had previously suspended the supply of two batches of weapons to Saudi Arabia to prevent them from being used in combat operations against Yemen.

  Earlier, the US intelligence agency issued a report stating that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "has ordered the killing of journalist Khashoggi."

The United States has imposed sanctions on a series of Saudi citizens, but the crown prince has not been involved.

Biden also said that he has talked with the Saudi King and that the United States will make a new "significant adjustment" to Saudi policy on March 1.