“The Committee on End Users of the Ministry of Commerce decided to add to the list of organizations Chimmed Group, Chimconnect GmbH, Chimconnect AG, Pharmkontract GmbH, Femteko, Interlab, LabInvest, ANALIT products LLC, Intertech LLC, Pharmcontract GC, Rau Faem, Regionsnab and Riol-Chemie”, - quotes RIA Novosti a message from the ministry, published in the US Federal Register.

It is noted that the companies were included in the list in connection with "proliferation activities in support of the Russian program of weapons of mass destruction."

The American Ministry of Trade said that nine organizations are located in Russia, three in Germany and one more in Switzerland.

Earlier, the US administration announced the imposition of sanctions against 14 companies, which, according to the American side, are involved in various aspects of the "production of elements of biological and chemical weapons."