In Jönköping, the pollen collector sits on one of the buildings at Ryhov County Hospital.

Twice a week, the amount of pollen caught is checked and the levels are then assessed as low, moderate or high.

And right now there are high levels, mainly of alpollen.

- Many alarms bloom at one and the same time now and there is a lot of alder here, says Marita Skarstedt who is a biomedical analyst.

Symptoms such as covid-19

Spring is predicted to be difficult for pollen allergy sufferers, partly because birch has a so-called biennial variation.

Last year it was dormant and will therefore have a lot of pollen this year.

And to prevent runny noses and sneezing caused by pollen allergy, to be confused with symptoms of covid-19, it is important to keep track of the pollen forecast, says Marita Skarstedt.

- Then you can adjust your medication based on what is in the air.

In the clip, Marita Skarstedt explains how the pollen measurements work.

Alen's pendants are full of pollen.

Photo: Kristin Renulf / SVT