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The life of

Quique San Francisco

, who died this Monday at the age of 65 due to bilateral bacterial pneumonia, has been as tragicomic as that of his roles in film and television.

Before he was born, his biological father abandoned his mother, the actress Queta Ariel, with whom he starred in the controversial film 'El pico' (1983) that dissected the gloomy underworld of drugs.

At that time, being a single mother was frowned upon and if you were an actress, why go into details.

Quique's childhood was spent in Barcelona, ​​where his mother signed him up to advertise and, incidentally, put a paw in the world of cinema, where he debuted at the tender age of six with 'Hombres y mujeres de blanco' (1962) .


child prodigy, with a very particular grace and a not very handsome physique,

found his place in the artistic world.

At 17 he went to Madrid to have more work and find out who his father was.

This turned out to be the supporting actor

Vicente Haro

('Anchor Button' or 'Pepito Piscinas'), who also managed to work with his offspring in 'Orquesta Club Virginia' (1992).

As he confessed to Rosa Villacastín six years ago in 'Ten Minutes': "When I met him, I liked him (...) For me, my father has been my stepfather, who gave me his last name. He is together with my mother is the person who has protected and cared the most for me, something that I will never be able to forget. "

Queta Ariel's disappointment and anger led him to civilly register his son with the surname of his new partner, hence Quique was known until the day of his death as San Francisco.

Although the relationship between the biological father and his son was good, Quique never wanted to carry his last name.

Both represented countless theatrical works in the well-known 'Estudio 1' of TVE.

Father and son even lived together in the same apartment where Vicente, who was a quite generous man, tried to help other colleagues who were in great need.

Among them,


, the great diva of uncovering who ended up in the misery of the streets and with mental problems who found a plate of hot food in Vicente's good work.

Quique's bad life linked to heroin and cocaine,

his crazy parties in the middle of Madrid, the deceptions of a representative and his generosity ended up taking their toll.

Ruined and evicted, he sold his own flat in Madrid to settle in a little hotel on the outskirts of the city.

Undoubtedly, playing


in the series 'Cuéntame' again brought him a great popularity as well as

a fixed money that did not take long to melt


He lived as he wanted.

On freedom.

Now he's reunited with his parents.

Rest in peace.

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