The so-called PFAS trial in Blekinge District Court has been going on since 8 February.

165 Kallinge residents have sued the municipally owned Ronneby Miljöteknik.

They believe that they suffered personal injury from ingesting PFAS, and that it is Ronneby municipality's responsibility.

The district court will now decide whether the municipality has liability for damages.

Want to see individual assessment

On Monday, the PFAS association gave its closing speech.

On Tuesday, it was the municipality's turn, and the claim for damages was contested.

- We believe that Swedish tort law does not cover the type of damages, which is about future risk, and that the plaintiffs have not been able to prove that they suffered the damage they claim, says Mathias Kågell-Landgren, representative for Ronneby municipality.

They fall in April

The municipality also believes that all 165 individuals who have sued Environmental Technology must be able to prove that they have suffered damage.

But an individual assessment for each case is not possible to carry out, says lawyer Göran Starkebo, who represents the 165 plaintiffs.

- PFASs cause negative health conditions that already exist in our society.

That the number of patients is increasing due to PFAS can only be seen at group level, he says. 

The verdict in the PFAS case falls on 13 April.