Lvying supporters discovered that “only 56 kilograms of pineapples were sold to Australia last year, but this year it’s 0”. The Taiwanese internet celebrity satirized: it was revealed!

  [Global Network Reporter Yin Yanhui] According to Taiwan's China Times News Network reported on March 2, the DPP authorities implemented a "new southward policy" after taking office to try to get rid of Taiwan’s economic dependence on the mainland. However, in the past five years, the results have been obvious. Not as expected.

The agricultural internet celebrity "Linbay Good Oil" broke the news. Last year, the leader of the Taiwan authorities, Tsai Ing-wen, announced on Facebook that pineapples were exported to Australia. But strangely, he checked the data from the Customs Administration. Last year, only 56 kilograms were sold to Australia. This year, one kilogram was sold to Australia. No.

Zhu Xueheng, a Taiwanese internet celebrity known as the "God of House", said bluntly, "The supporters of the green camp dare to expose the big internal propaganda."

  According to the report, “Linbay Good Oil” stated on Facebook on the 1st that as a taxpayer, of course, he hopes that the Taiwan authorities can do things for the benefit of everyone, instead of ruling Taiwan in pictures and texts, so that the public can live in the imagination of large internal publicity. in.

  He said that recently some people took out the picture of Tsai Ing-wen's export expansion that she posted on her Facebook on March 3 last year.

Seeing this pineapple open up the Australian market, from the perspective of other players, of course know that "this can't have any real results, why?"

  "Linbay Good Oil" explained, because "Australia's opening to Taiwan requires fumigation. Pineapples are very intolerant after fumigation treatment with methyl bromide. After fumigation, they can only be shipped to Australia by air. Air transportation is very expensive. Will Australians be willing to buy a Taiwanese pineapple that has been fumigated for more than a dozen Australian dollars?"

  So how many pineapples go to Australia?

“Linbay Good Oil” said that after checking the data of the “Customs Service Department”, it was found that only 56 kilograms went to Australia last year, but not one kilogram this year.

In addition, some netizens added after detailed tax investigation, "These 56 kilograms are all dried pineapple, and there is no 1 kilogram of fresh fruit."

  What makes "Linbay Good Oil" feel incredible is that the news has done this, and even Tsai Ing-wen’s Facebook has promoted it. As a result, 1 kg of fresh pineapple has not passed. It turned out to be the dried pineapple that was originally allowed. The so-called export. Pioneer, turned out to be a big internal propaganda, in fact, no results.

  Due to multiple detections of harmful organisms from Taiwan pineapples (commonly known as pineapples in Taiwan), the General Administration of Customs of the Mainland China has announced that it will temporarily suspend the importation of pineapples from Taiwan to the mainland from March 1.

The Taiwan authorities and DPP politicians did not focus on strengthening the safety and quarantine of agricultural products, but politicized them, shirk their responsibilities to exaggerate "the CCP's suppression," while shouting the slogan "Eat pineapples and save Taiwan."

Under the fanfare of the Taiwan authorities, from "politicians taking the lead in gnawing", to "adding pineapples to the food of the national army," to the so-called "defending free pineapples," various "fancy eating methods" have become the public opinion field on the island. "Wonderful View".

Behind the emotional uproar is the reality of the Taiwan authorities’ lies being pierced by the little pineapple.

  "Taiwan’s former “legislator” Sun Daqian bluntly stated on February 28 that the DPP’s lie within these years was self-defeating. Sun Daqian wrote that this “blocking” first revealed that despite the DPP government’s propaganda For many years of the “new southward” policy, the mainland is still the most important market for Taiwan’s agricultural products; in addition, it highlights the work of the Tsai Ing-wen government in recent years that it will assist Taiwan’s agricultural products to open up other overseas markets. It has obviously done nothing, and it took 5 years. Over time, Taiwan’s agricultural eggs are still in the basket of the mainland. The most ironic thing is that Japan and the United States, which the DPP authorities have frequently claimed to be "the strongest" in recent years, have recently publicly asked for help from Taiwan’s foreign affairs department. It means that you can't read it back and ignore it.

  After the General Administration of Customs announced the suspension of the import of pineapples from Taiwan to the mainland, the DPP authorities accused the mainland of political repression. Spokesperson Zhu Fenglian of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council stated on March 1 that the General Administration of Customs has decided to suspend Taiwan from March 1, 2021. The importation of pineapples into the mainland is a normal biosafety precaution, which is completely reasonable and necessary.

  Zhu Fenglian said that the implementation of inspection and quarantine of imported agricultural products by the customs in accordance with the law is required to implement relevant laws, regulations and standards, as well as to prevent plant epidemic risks and protect people's rights and interests.

The DPP authorities deliberately misrepresented, maliciously interpreted technical issues, and took the opportunity to attack and discredit the mainland.

This fully exposed their consistent practice of malicious manipulation in all cross-strait affairs, indicating that they have neither the will nor the ability to solve practical problems, and they can only evade their own responsibilities by slandering the mainland.

The safety of agricultural products is closely related to agricultural production, ecological safety, food safety and people's rights and interests. We have always attached great importance to it and will continue to adopt strict measures to control it.