Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - Immediately after the end of the peace obligation, IG Metall began its warning strikes in the German metal and electrical industry.

Shortly after midnight, for example, employees in the Mercedes plant in Bremen, in Hamburg at Airbus Operations, in the Daimler plant in Berlin-Marienfelde or at Continental in Rheinböllen in Rhineland-Palatinate, stopped working for a short time.

Many more companies will follow in the course of the day, as the union districts have announced.

Employers have left no stone unturned in the past few weeks to instrumentalize the pandemic for their interests, criticized the head of the Mitte district, Jörg Köhlinger.

"While employers are being supported with billions in taxpayers' money in the pandemic, they claim there is nothing to distribute to workers," he said.

You will most certainly not accept this attitude.


The day before, thousands of metal workers took part in protests, which had to take place at a great distance due to the corona pandemic.

Among other things, light installations and bicycle demos were used.

Fire barrels and Bengalos were used during the night.

VW locations are also affected on Tuesday.

The parallel in-house tariff round at the car company is also stalling.

IG Metall announced actions for the Braunschweig plant, for example.

Union leader Jörg Hofmann had accused employers of using the crisis as an opportunity to push back collective bargaining achievements.

That would shake the collective bargaining peace for a long time, said the union leader at the central video event.

"Crisis management one-sidedly at the expense of the employees cannot be done with us," said Hofmann.


The union demands four percent more wages for the approximately 3.8 million employees - where things are going badly in a company, in the form of wage compensation with working hours reduced to four days.

So far, employers have promised wage increases for 2022 at the earliest and want automatic deviations from the wage level for weaker companies.

The employers' association Gesamtmetall criticized the warning strikes as actions planned well in advance that had nothing to do with the current state of negotiations.

"This alone makes it clear that IG Metall did not want a quick solution to the peace obligation," said association president Stefan Wolf of the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung".

"She feels that she has to offer her members warning strikes."

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