It was at the end of last week that it became known that meltwater had penetrated into the G-wing of Örnsköldsvik Hospital.

The building houses, among other things, the operating room, and water was discovered in a number of the halls.

This has meant that about 50 operations have so far had to be canceled.

If the halls are unusable for another week, another 50 or so operations may be affected.

This weekend, the roof has been plastered, and maintenance work is in progress.

- The roof is completely clean of ice and snow now and it is no longer leaking.

They have worked intensively all weekend and will soon lay new roofing felt, says Karin Söderberg, unit manager for the operations department.

How serious is this for you?

- It's very serious.

It is patients who now have to stand back and move their operations forward.

But unfortunately we have to take this action.

- It is of course sad for everyone, but we can not perform operations if they are not patient safe.

What types of operations are set up?

- It is something that is of a non-acute nature.

What is urgent must, of course, be done.

First you had to postpone operations as a result of corona.

Now you have to postpone operations as a result of a water leak.

What should you do to catch up?

- We get to drive for full throttle once we get to start again.

It will take some time, but we will hopefully open in a few weeks and then we will have to drive at full speed, says Karin Söderberg.

Hear more about how the operations are affected by the leak in the clip.