China News Service, March 1 According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, on March 1, the Philippines launched the new crown vaccination, using a vaccine developed by China Kexing Biological Company.

The Philippine government hopes to get rid of the blockade through vaccination to boost the economy.

On the afternoon of February 28, local time, Philippine President Duterte personally led cabinet members to the Vilamour Military Airport in the capital Manila to greet China's aid to the Philippines' first batch of Coxing COVID-19 vaccine.

Photo courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines issued by China News Service

  According to reports, Legazpi, the head of the National General Hospital of the Philippines and a neurosurgeon, became the first person in the Philippines to be vaccinated.

It is expected that various public hospitals in Metro Manila will also begin to vaccinate Coxing vaccination one after another.

  On February 28, local time, the 600,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine that China assisted the Philippines successfully delivered to Manila’s Vilamour Military Airport. This was the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine received by the Philippines.

Philippine President Duterte went to the airport to greet him.

  The Philippines was the last country in Southeast Asia to start vaccination. Malaysia and Thailand started vaccination a few days before the Philippines started vaccination, while Singapore and Indonesia started vaccination earlier.