The US and European countries are poised to criticize the fact that the board of directors of the IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency has begun and Iran has taken measures to significantly limit IAEA inspections, and the offense and defense of each country is drawing attention over the situation in Iran I will.

Headquartered in Vienna, the capital of Austria, the IAEA has a regular board meeting scheduled for the 1st to the 5th, with Iran's nuclear program as the main focus.

Iran is accelerating nuclear development in January, starting production of 20% enriched uranium, which deviates significantly from the nuclear agreement, and last month took steps to significantly limit IAEA inspections. There is also concern that it will be difficult to grasp the actual situation of nuclear development.

In addition, the IAEA has not obtained the necessary explanation from the Iranian side regarding the problem that traces of uranium were found at two facilities in Iran that are suspected of storing nuclear material. It shows "deep concern".

The board is moving to condemn Iran for restricting inspections by Iran and for activities that significantly violate the nuclear agreement, and to submit a resolution encouraging cooperation with the IAEA. Russia, which is close to, seems to be against it.

Iran says it will accelerate nuclear development unless the United States lifts economic sanctions, and as there is a move to seek dialogue between the two countries, it will be interesting to see how the countries involved in the board will respond.