Trump at Cpac 2020 in an archive photo (Ap)

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February 28, 2021 Trump's first public intervention since leaving the White House is expected in Orlando, Florida: the conservative CPAC event will be an opportunity for the former US president to reaffirm his leadership in the Republican field. 

The convention, Conservative Political Action Conference, will also be an opportunity for the Republican party to redesign its future plans in view of the upcoming midterm and presidential elections of 2024. While for some members of the Grand Old Party that of Trump is a figure cumbersome that risks dragging the party towards the most sinister conspiracy, for others it is the only leader capable of returning the conservatives to power. 

The rift between the Republicans has become increasingly evident since the tycoon refused to admit defeat in the presidential elections.

But, even with some defections, the party held up when it came to acquitting him of the accusation of having instigated the crowd of his supporters to attack Congress.

A conviction could have prevented the tycoon from resubmitting the elections and holding public office.

But in the end, few have turned their backs on him. 

At the conference being held in Orlando, several members of the GOP have already shown their support for Trump and many voices of the establishment believe that the tycoon's leadership is the only way to win back the voters of the suburbs who abandoned them in November. bringing President Joe Biden to the White House.

According to the media, Trump's intervention is expected at 21:40 Italian time.