• Riots.Pablo Echenique launches a video against the Police after encouraging violence by protesters

  • Altercados: Violence returns to Barcelona: vandals burn a police van and attack hotels and banks

The PP has demanded an immediate reaction from the




Fernando Grande-Marlaksa, and that he call an "emergency"

meeting of the Security Board in Catalonia

to stop "street terrorism" in


and other Catalan cities.

He is "absolutely disappeared", they criticize from


, where they also wonder why the Prime Minister does not "do anything" either.

The escalation of violence continues to wreak havoc and serious riots broke out in Barcelona last night.

There were numerous attacks on hotels, banks and shops, as well as the burning of a police van in which an agent was inside.

Faced with the dimension of the altercations, which the PP "condemns" in an "absolute" way, demands Marlaska to "reappear" now and to get involved to try to tackle this situation.

To this end, the


have urged that the Minister of the Interior urgently summon all the police forces to be able to coordinate a response from the security forces both in Barcelona and in the other hotspots of the riots that are taking place under the pretext the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél.

For the PP, what is happening in Catalonia are not demonstrations, but "street terrorism", and it denounces that the United We Can sector in the Government "is not condemning it."

The deputy secretary of Communication of the PP,

Pablo Montesinos

, has said that

Pedro Sánchez

is the president "of the lie, of the ineffectiveness and that they have some ministers in the Council who do not condemn the violence", and has reproached him that "no put

Pablo Iglesias

in his place

in this situation.



also question the response that is being given to the disturbances from the


and from the

Barcelona City Council


The leader of the PP,

Pablo Casado

, accused them last night of having an attitude of "intolerable passivity."

Likewise, he stressed that the "irresponsibility" of those who "protect and cheer" on the violence from the Sánchez government must "have consequences", alluding to United We Can.

In a statement, Montesinos holds Sánchez "responsible" for the violence and accuses him that "he is not really important" because the government is dedicated "to its internal wars, its contradictions, its lies and its fights."

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