• M5s: Conte and the knot of leadership, Grillo convenes a summit among the big names

  • M5s: the 'Alternative there' component is born in the Chamber and Senate, the expelled are part of it


February 28, 2021 The summit of the M5s staff on the future structure of the Movement is underway.

At the summit, it is still learned, also the former premier Giuseppe Conte participates.

Beppe Grillo is in his villa in Marina Di Bibbona where initially, the summit should have been held.

It is therefore likely that the Guarantor of the M5s is connected remotely. 

At Villa Corallina, Beppe Grillo's buen retiro in Marina di Bibbona, on the Tuscan coast, journalists and cameramen have been there since early this morning, but none of the protagonists of the expected summit on the future of the M5s and the role to be entrusted have been seen arriving to the former premier Giuseppe Conte.

No one has entered the villa, neither someone among the big names of the Cinquestelle Movement nor Conte.

But, according to what has been learned, the summit is underway.

Mouths sewn on where and how.

Perhaps in another locality, perhaps, simply, Grillo connected from his villa by videoconference with the Movement's staff.