A year


the new citizenship was elected, which the SPD won over the strengthened Greens.

How do you perceive the coalition of the SPD and the Greens today?

Stefan Aust:

Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) makes a serious and generally reasonable impression on me here, he leads the Senate very clearly and is a good successor to Olaf Scholz.

But he is now also acting very cautiously in this phase of the pandemic, perhaps because he sees that a big city is more at risk than rural areas with more space and a different population structure.

As a doctor, he will keep an even closer eye on the situation in the clinics than other politicians, even if there was only excess mortality in Hamburg in a very few months.


The Greens are suffering from the fact that their main topic, environmental and climate protection, no longer occupies the debates to the same extent as before Corona.

Will that also be a problem for the party in relation to the issues at issue this year?



There will be enough voters for whom this is still the main topic - and by fighting the pandemic, the Greens have developed an even greater tendency to want to regulate everything.

Many Germans apparently like to go along this path, so the fight against corona should become a blueprint for the Greens for their climate protection policy.


The CDU has changed its leadership, here the new state chairman Christoph Ploß sets the tone.

He recently set himself apart from the Greens and, as a Merz fan, drives a much more conservative line than his predecessors.

Will the CDU use that?


Conservative sounds like it is meant out of fashion, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Perhaps Mr. Ploß noticed that it does not make sense for the CDU to want to be even greener than the Greens and even more social democratic than the SPD, because at such a large meeting in the same spectrum, margins arise that are then occupied by others.

We have seen how unpleasant this can be in recent years with the AfD.

It can only help democracy if the parties differ more from one another.


Stefan Aust is editor of WELT AM SONNTAG.

Jörn Lauterbach asked the questions.

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