The Italian star, Antonio Cassano, the former Real Madrid player, returns to renew the attack on Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’s top scorer, and describes him as an "unsuccessful deal" despite his odd numbers.

And Cassano adds that "Juventus signed with Ronaldo to win the Champions League, and since his arrival to the team (summer 2018), the latter's level is declining in the continental championship."

And he continued - in an interview with the press - that "Juventus usually wins the league title without him, so I think it is a failed deal."

Cassano believes Juve coach Andrea Pirlo and Cristiano do not share the same ideas.

He stressed that "the Juventus fans and its departments always want to win, and this is what has happened in the past 120 years, but Mauricio Sarri (former Juventus coach) and Pirlo tried to change the identity of the team."

"The two coaches tried to develop the team's playing style more than looking for victory, and Cristiano does not work the same way Pirlo wants," he explained.

Ronaldo continues to score goals, receives the ball and puts it on his left or right foot, and kicks and scores, but Pirlo wants to build play from the back and pressure the opponent and play between the lines, and this means that Ronaldo will not participate much in this system. I think it is 3 bad years. For Ronaldo with Juventus. "

The former Real Madrid, Roma, AC Milan and Sampdoria player said - days ago - that "Ronaldo is selfish. He does not care if his teammates score goals. He lives only to score goals, and he does not live for football and enjoyment."

And he continued in a media interview, "If he had Xavi, (Andres) Iniesta, (Tony) Kroos, or (Luka) Modric, he would be able to score 50 goals, but in Juventus the ideas are different and the team has a new approach."

He added, "Let's be honest, he is in trouble now and years are passing by everyone, including him."

"Ronaldo is a phenomenon and he may score millions of goals, but the problem is in Andrea Pirlo's ideas and plans."

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo scored 19 goals this season in the Italian League, and he is the top scorer in the competition.

After a 1-1 draw with Verona yesterday, Juventus - who ranks third in the Calcio standings table, 7 points behind Inter Milan - is strongly poised to lose the championship title, which it won 36 times, including 9 consecutive times in recent years.