The Russian Sputnik V vaccine has been pre-ordered for nearly 2.5 billion doses in at least 30 countries from Argentina all the way to the Philippines, CNN says.

Now, seven new production facilities have been opened in Russia for the production of vaccines sold abroad.

CNN got to see the facility currently run by Generium Pharmaceutical in Volginski, just over a hundred miles from Moscow.

The plant studied biological weapons during the Soviet era.

Generium Pharmaceutical has entered into an agreement to manufacture a Russian coronary vaccine.

- Now we make several million doses every month and hope to reach higher figures, maybe ten or 20 million doses a month, Dmitry Poteriaev, the scientific director of the pharmaceutical company.

In Russia, however, there is skepticism about the vaccine.

According to a recent opinion poll by the Levada research institute, only 38 percent of Russians are willing to take the vaccine.

There was widespread skepticism about the vaccine.

It was the first vaccine to be approved before the results of extensive human tests were ready.

Doubts have been raised, among other things, that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not taken the vaccine.

The vaccine also sparked skepticism in other parts of the world.

However, a study previously published in The Lancet in February showed that the Sputnik vaccine is as effective as 91.6%.

The vaccine had been tested on more than 20,000 people at the time.

- A sufficient number of patients were already involved.

I don’t think it can be said anymore that Sputnik has been worse tested than other vaccines.

This appears to be an effective vaccine that is similar to other vaccines in terms of its side effect profile.

However, it must be remembered that this was an interim analysis of the three-stage tests, which does not yet contain all the information, Professor Seppo Ylä-Herttuala of the University of Eastern Finland involved in the development of the Finnish coronary vaccine commented to IS.

The Upper Duke recalled at the time that Russia has expertise in traditional disciplines, such as virology.

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Hanna Nohynek, Chief Physician of the Department of Health and Welfare, estimates that Sputnik could enter the Finnish market if it were approved by the European Medicines Agency.

- I would not rule out Sputnik if the EMA recommendation for a marketing authorization comes.

And why not, the power is very good.

And if there is a shortage of other vaccines and if the price is right.

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Sputnik is manufactured in several different production facilities.

Photo of Binnofarm's factory in Zelenograd. Photo: ALEXANDER NEMENOV / AFP / Magazine photo