• New Libyan premier Dbeibah to Draghi: "we collaborate" on migrants


February 28, 2021 New shipwreck off Libyan waters.

The international organization for migration (IOM) in Libya tweeted about a shipwreck in which at least 15 people lost their lives in Libyan waters and 95 survived, brought ashore by the Libyan Coast Guard.

"The IOM teams are now assisting the survivors, many of whom suffer from burns and hypothermia", writes the IOM.

"Tragedies and avoidable loss of life continue while a policy of silence and inaction persists," wrote Un-Migration spokeswoman Safa Mhseli of today's shipwreck. 

"We confirm that this was the boat carrying about 125 people who called us in an emergency. We had alerted the authorities but they delayed an intervention. These deaths are the result."

The NGO Alarm Phone writes on Twitter denouncing the inertia of the Libyan Coast Guard who rescued the shipwrecked off the Libyan coast, saving 95 migrants.

For 15 of them, however, there was nothing to do.

During the night, the migrants also asked the Alarm Phone for help.