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situation in Myanmar is getting worse.

Citizens resisted with the second general strike protests, and the military and police also launched a hard-line crackdown, resulting in one after another.

I hope that the tragedy that is not like someone else's business will not be prolonged.

This is Jung Hye-kyung.


A man is lying on the floor behind protesters running away after hearing gunshots.

As the gunfire continues, several citizens leave the scene carrying this bleeding man in a hurry.

Today (28th), a month ahead of the coup, the second large-scale general strike protests held across Myanmar turned into a real mess in every city.

The military and police fired tear gas and water cannons to force the dissolution of the protesters, and did not hesitate to fire a warning fire at the medical staff who were marching in white robes.

Foreign media cited local media and reported that at least six people were killed, including one protester killed in Yangon, the largest city, and three in the southern Dawei region as a result of military and police shooting.

However, casualties are likely to continue to increase in the future.

On social media, testimony continues that the protesters were killed or injured due to the violent suppression of the military authorities.

The Korean Embassy in Myanmar said, "You can hear gunshots at the embassy," and advised Koreans to refrain from going out.

Myanmar's military ministry dismissed Myanmar Ambassador Mo Tun Joo-en, who said he had betrayed his homeland, while calling for intervention from the international community at the UN General Assembly on the 26th.

Ambassador Cho Mo Thun, who has emerged as the'hero' of the citizens of Myanmar, said he would fight against as much as he could.

(Video editing: Kim Sun-tak)